Pretty Hate Machine Tour Series

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Pretty Hate Machine Tour Series
Tour by Nine Inch Nails
Trent Reznor Lollapalooza 1991.jpg
Trent Reznor at Lollapalooza 1991
Associated album Pretty Hate Machine
Start dateOctober 21, 1988
End dateSeptember 13, 1991
Nine Inch Nails concert chronology

Pretty Hate Machine Tour Series was a series of concert tours in support of Nine Inch Nails' debut album Pretty Hate Machine . The series took place over much of North America and Europe from 1989 to 1991. During this time, the band's line-up mainly consisted of Trent Reznor on vocals and guitars, Richard Patrick on back-up vocals and guitars, Chris Vrenna on drums, and a hired musician usually to play keyboards. The series consisted of eight tours, spanning Skinny Puppy's VIVIsectVI tour to a tour of Europe for the band.


VIVIsectVI Tour

Serving as the opening band for industrial icons Skinny Puppy, they played mostly songs from the then-unreleased Purest Feeling sessions and the then-upcoming Pretty Hate Machine album. This was the band's first official tour.

Band lineup

Tour dates

October 21, 1988 Cleveland, Ohio United States Phantasy Theater
October 23, 1988 Cincinnati Bogart's
October 25, 1988 Huntington, West Virginia Rock 'N' Roll Cafe
October 26, 1988 Columbus, Ohio Newport Music Hall
October 27, 1988 Pittsburgh Graffiti
October 28, 1988 Richmond, Virginia
October 30, 1988Washington, D.C. 9:30 Club
October 31, 1988New York City Irving Plaza
November 1, 1988 Philadelphia Chestnut Cabaret
November 2, 1988 Trenton, New Jersey City Gardens
November 11, 1988 Pittsburgh Union Ballroom, Duquesne University (MDA Dance Marathon)

Pretty Hate Machine promotional tour

After the band's stint as the opening act for Skinny Puppy, Trent Reznor recruited Richard Patrick to play lead guitar for the band. Former keyboardist Chris Vrenna decided to play live drums for the band after Trent Reznor deemed electronic drum machines not suitable for the band's newer material. Gary Talpas, otherwise known as art director for NIN between 1989 and 1997, replaced Vrenna on keyboards. This short tour was the direct result of Pretty Hate Machine's release and underground following after its release through indie label TVT Records.

Band lineup

Tour dates

October 22, 1989Washington, D.C.United States 9:30 Club
October 27, 1989New York CityThe China Club
December 3, 1989 Providence, Rhode Island Metropolis
December 7, 1989 Boston, Massachusetts The Axis Club
December 8, 1989New York CitySonic
December 9, 1989 Newark, New Jersey Pipeline
December 29, 1989 Cleveland Phantasy Theater


  1. "Terrible Lie"
  2. "Sin"
  3. "Something I Can Never Have"
  4. "Sanctified"
  5. "That's What I Get"
  6. "The Only Time"
  7. "Kinda I Want To"
  8. "Get Down, Make Love" (Queen cover)
  9. "Ringfinger"
  10. "Down in It"
  11. "Head Like a Hole"

Automatic Tour

Due to the band's success touring smaller clubs, pioneering noise pop band The Jesus & Mary Chain took notice of the band and asked them to be the opening act for their upcoming Automatic Tour. The band accepted, and began as the opening act for the tour. During this time, the band hired Nick Rushe to be the band's full-time keyboardist. It would be the band's first venture off of the eastern coast.

Band lineup

Tour dates

January 26, 1990 Chicago United States Cabaret Metro
January 27, 1990 Detroit St. Andrew's Hall
January 28, 1990 Portland, Oregon Pine Street Theater
January 30, 1990 San Francisco The Warfield
February 1, 1990 Los Angeles Universal Amphitheater
February 2, 1990 San Diego California Theater
February 3, 1990 Phoenix, Arizona Celebrity Theatre
February 4, 1990 Las Vegas Calamity Jane's
February 6, 1990 Salt Lake City Speedway Cafe
February 7, 1990 Boulder, Colorado Glenn Miller Ballroom
February 9, 1990 Dallas Arcadia Theater
February 10, 1990 Austin, Texas Tunnel
February 11, 1990 Houston Numbers
February 13, 1990 New Orleans Tipitina's
February 15, 1990 Tampa, Florida Cuban Club
February 16, 1990 Orlando, Florida Visage
February 17, 1990 Melbourne, Florida Power Station
February 18, 1990 Miami Beach Club Nu
February 21, 1990 Atlanta The Roxy
February 22, 1990 Athens, Georgia Georgia Theatre
February 23, 1990 Nashville, Tennessee Cannery
February 24, 1990 Knoxville, Tennessee Bijou Theatre
February 25, 1990 Charlotte, North Carolina 13-13 Club
February 28, 1990 Charlottesville, Virginia Trax
March 1, 1990 Norfolk, Virginia The Boathouse
March 2, 1990Washington, D.C. Lisner Auditorium
March 4, 1990Neptune, NJGreen Parrot
March 5, 1990 Philadelphia Trocadero Theatre
March 9, 1990 Providence, Rhode Island The Livingroom
March 10, 1990 Boston Citi Club
March 15, 1990 Cleveland Phantasy Theater
March 16, 1990 Detroit Latin Quarter


  1. "Terrible Lie"
  2. "Sin"
  3. "Sanctified"
  4. "That's What I Get"
  5. "Get Down, Make Love" (Queen cover)
  6. "Ringfinger"
  7. "Down in It"
  8. "Head Like a Hole"

"Something I Can Never Have" & "The Only Time" was played in some shows.

Deep Tour

Almost immediately after touring with The Jesus & Mary Chain, Peter Murphy, former frontman for Bauhaus, asked the band to be the opening act for his solo tour. The band accepted and went back on tour almost immediately. The band changed keyboardists as well, switching Nick Rushe for David Haymes.

Band lineup

Tour dates

March 18, 1990 Tulsa, Oklahoma United StatesCain's Ballroom
March 19, 1990 Dallas Arcadia Theater
March 20, 1990 Houston Cullen Auditorium
March 21, 1990 New Orleans Tipitina's
March 23, 1990 St. Petersburg, Florida Mahaffey Theater
March 24, 1990 Orlando, Florida Beacham Theater
March 25, 1990 Miami Beach Deco's Club
March 27, 1990 Atlanta The Roxy
March 28, 1990AtlantaThe Roxy
March 29, 1990 Raleigh, North Carolina Raleigh Civic Center
March 30, 1990 Norfolk, Virginia The Boathouse
March 31, 1990 Owings Mills, Maryland Painters Mill Theatre
April 2, 1990 Cincinnati Bogart's
April 3, 1990 Cleveland Phantasy Theater
April 4, 1990ClevelandPhantasy Theater
April 5, 1990 Milwaukee Varsity Theater, Marquette University
April 6, 1990 Minneapolis First Avenue
April 7, 1990 Chicago Cabaret Metro
April 9, 1990 Detroit Latin Quarter
April 10, 1990 Boston Citi Club
April 11, 1990New York City The Ritz
April 12, 1990 Glenside, Pennsylvania Keswick Theatre
April 13, 1990 Richmond, Virginia Floodzone
April 15, 1990 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
April 17, 1990 Toronto CanadaRPM
April 18, 1990 Montreal Métropolis
April 19, 1990 Providence, Rhode Island United StatesRhode Island College
April 20, 1990 Port Chester Capitol Theater
April 21, 1990New York City Manhattan College

Hate 1990

After touring as opening acts for various bands and gaining enough of a fan base to embark on a headlining tour, the band went on tour in 1990 to various clubs and auditoriums across the North America, bringing along Dallas, Texas based band "Lesson Seven" as their opening act. [1] This is the first of two North America tours. Lee Mars replaced David Haymes on keyboards for the tour. This began the band's notorious image of aggressive (and often dangerous) concerts in which band members would take out their anger on their instruments and through their music. Nine Inch Nails' fan base grew largely during this time.

Band lineup

Trent Reznorlead vocals/Backup Guitar
Richard PatrickLead guitar/Backup Vocals
Chris Vrennadrums
Lee Mars – keyboards/Programming

Tour dates

May 22, 1990 Palo Alto, California United StatesThe Edge Nightclub
May 23, 1990 San Francisco The I-Beam
May 25, 1990 Los Angeles Helter Skelter
May 26, 1990 San Diego Bacchanal
May 29, 1990 Portland, Oregon Pine Street Theater
May 30, 1990 Vancouver CanadaLuv-a-Fair
May 31, 1990 Seattle United StatesThe Oz
June 21, 1990 St. Louis 1227 Nightclub
June 22, 1990 Kansas City, Missouri The Shadow
June 23, 1990 Tulsa, Oklahoma Cain's Ballroom
June 24, 1990 Oklahoma City Kinetix
June 26, 1990 Dallas The Video Bar
June 27, 1990 Austin Mirage
June 28, 1990 Houston Numbers
July 1, 1990 Melbourne, Florida Power Station
July 3, 1990 Miami Club Nu
July 5, 1990 Tampa, Florida The Masquerade
July 6, 1990 Orlando, Florida Visage
July 7, 1990 Atlanta The Masquerade
July 9, 1990 Virginia Beach, Virginia The Peppermint Beach Club
July 10, 1990 Baltimore Grog & Tankard
July 11, 1990Washington, D.C. 9:30 Club
July 13, 1990 Trenton, New Jersey City Gardens
July 14, 1990 Philadelphia Grand Hall, Drexel University
July 16, 1990New York CityRock Academy
July 18, 1990 Newark The Pipeline
July 19, 1990 Boston Axis Club
July 23, 1990 Minneapolis First Avenue
July 24, 1990 Milwaukee Bermudas
July 26, 1990 Cincinnati Bogart's
July 27, 1990 Chicago Cabaret Metro
July 28, 1990 Detroit Saint Andrew's Hall
July 29, 1990 Reading, Pennsylvania The Silo
July 31, 1990 Toronto CanadaRPM
August 1, 1990 Montreal Les Foufounes Électriques
August 3, 1990 Pittsburgh United StatesMetropol
August 4, 1990 Cleveland Empire Club

Sin Tour

During the winter of late 1990 and early 1991, the band embarked on the second leg of their tour, entitled the "Sin Tour". The band played more clubs than in the Hate Tour, but continued to headline venues across the country they had been playing in before. This was the band's first tour to take place in Mexico. Lee Mars continued as the keyboardist for the band.

Band lineup

Tour dates

December 27, 1990 Pittsburgh United StatesMetropol
December 28, 1990 Cleveland Phantasy Theater
December 29, 1990 Chicago Cabaret Metro
December 31, 1990 Detroit Latin Quarter
January 2, 1991 St. Louis 1227
January 4, 1991 Denver Gothic Theater
January 5, 1991 Salt Lake City Fair Park Coliseum
January 8, 1991 Houston Numbers
January 9, 1991 Dallas Deep Ellum Live
January 10, 1991 San Antonio The Showcase
January 12, 1991 Orlando, Florida Visage
January 13, 1991 Gainesville, Florida University of Florida
January 14, 1991 Tampa, Florida The Ritz Theater
January 15, 1991 Miami Beach Club Nu
January 17, 1991 Atlanta The Masquerade
January 18, 1991 Norfolk, Virginia The Boathouse
January 19, 1991 Baltimore Hammerjack's
January 20, 1991 Trenton, New Jersey City Gardens
January 22, 1991Washington, D.C. 9:30 Club
January 24, 1991New York CityThe Academy
January 25, 1991New York CityThe Academy
January 26, 1991 Boston Citi Club
January 28, 1991 Columbus, Ohio Newport Music Hall
January 29, 1991Cleveland, OhioPhantasy Theater
January 31, 1991Los Angeles Universal Amphitheater
February 1, 1991San Francisco The Warfield
February 2, 1991 Tijuana MexicoIguanas Club
February 4, 1991Los AngelesUnited StatesUniversal Amphitheater
February 5, 1991 Hollywood, California Helter Skelter
February 6, 1991

Lollapalooza Tour

After the moderate success of their Hate and Sin tours, Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction invited the band to join up on the first year of their country-wide Lollapalooza festival. The band accepted, and their popularity skyrocketed due to the band's considerate media exposure on MTV. The song "Now I'm Nothing" was written during this time as the opener to their sets, and often bled into their song "Terrible Lie". Portions of the performances can be found on the documentary Closure . Two songs from the upcoming Broken debuted during this time. On the opening date of the concert in Phoenix, the band's equipment continued to malfunction so they were forced to abandon their set after only playing two songs.

Band lineup

Tour dates

July 18, 1991 Phoenix, Arizona United StatesCompton Terrace
July 20, 1991 San Diego Devore Stadium
July 21, 1991 Irvine, California Irvine Meadows
July 23, 1991
July 24, 1991
July 26, 1991 Mountain View, California Shoreline Amphitheatre
July 27, 1991
July 30, 1991 Bonner Springs, Kansas Sandstone Amphitheater
August 1, 1991 Saint Paul, Minnesota Harriet Island Pavilion
August 3, 1991 Tinley Park, Illinois World Music Theater
August 4, 1991 Clarkston, Michigan Pine Knob Amphitheater
August 5, 1991 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Blossom Music Center
August 7, 1991 Toronto Canada CNE Grandstand
August 9, 1991 Mansfield, Massachusetts United States Great Woods
August 10, 1991
August 11, 1991 Stanhope, New Jersey Waterloo Village
August 13, 1991 Saratoga Springs, New York Saratoga Performing Arts Center
August 14, 1991Stanhope, New JerseyWaterloo Village
August 16, 1991Washington, D.C.Lake Fairfax
August 17, 1991 Raleigh, North Carolina Walnut Creek Amphitheater
August 18, 1991 Atlanta Lakewood Amphitheater
August 20, 1991 Orlando, Florida Central Florida Fairgrounds

Pretty Hate Machine European Tour

After their set at Lollapalooza gained them a large fan base, the band went to tour in Europe in a mixture of headlining and opening act concerts, including two shows as a support act for Guns N' Roses. The band played three shows in Germany (one cancelled) due to the country's roots in industrial music. This was the band's first venture into Europe. The live band remained unchanged.

Band lineup

Tour dates

August 24, 1991 Mannheim Germany Maimarkt-Gelände
August 25, 1991 Munich Theaterfabrik
August 27, 1991 Frankfurt Batschkapp
August 31, 1991LondonEngland Wembley Stadium
September 1, 1991 Rotterdam Netherlands De Doelen
September 2, 1991 Brussels Belgium Ancienne Belgique
September 3, 1991ParisFrance Élysée Montmartre
September 6, 1991 Glasgow United Kingdom King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
September 7, 1991 Newcastle Newcastle Riverside
September 9, 1991 Manchester The International 2 Manchester
September 10, 1991 Birmingham Goldwyn's Theater
September 11, 1991 Bristol Bristol Bierkeller
September 13, 1991London London Astoria


The band's setlist at these tours would include the following songs:

From Pretty Hate Machine :

From (yet unrecorded) Broken :

Other songs:

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