Prime Minister of South Ossetia

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Prime Minister of the Republic of South Ossetia
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Konstantin Dzhussoev

since 20 June 2022
Residence Tskhinvali
Appointer President of South Ossetia
Inaugural holder Oleg Teziev
Formation28 November 1991

The Prime Minister of the Republic of South Ossetia, officially known as the Chairman of the Government (Russian : Председатель Правительства), is the de facto head of government of the partially recognized Republic of South Ossetia that is de jure part of Georgia. This is a list of the de facto prime ministers of the Republic of South Ossetia.


List of prime ministers of South Ossetia

Term of officePolitical party
Took officeLeft officeTime in office
1 Oleg Teziev
(born 1948)
28 November 1991October 19931 year, 10 months Independent
2 Gerasim Khugayev
(born 1946)
October 1993May 19947 months Independent
3 Feliks Zassiev May 199419950–1 year Independent
4 Vladislav Gabarayev
(born 1959)
199524 September 19960–1 year Independent
Valeriy Hubulov
Acting Prime Minister
25 September 19962 December 199668 days Independent
5 Aleksandr Shavlokhov
(born 1939)
2 December 1996August 19981 year, 7 months Independent
6 Merab Chigoev
August 19986 June 20012 years, 10 months Independent
7 Dmitry Sanakoyev
(born 1969)
14 June 2001December 20015 months Independent
(2) Gerasim Khugayev
(born 1946)
December 2001August 20031 year, 8 months Unity Party
8 Igor Sanakoyev
(born 1946)
17 September 2003May 20051 year, 7 months Unity Party
Zurab Kokoyev
(born 1961)
Acting Prime Minister
May 20055 July 20052 months Unity Party
9 Yury Morozov
(born 1949)
5 July 200517 August 20083 years, 43 days Unity Party
Boris Chochiev
Acting Prime Minister
17 August 200822 October 200866 days Unity Party
10 Aslanbek Bulatsev
(born 1964)
22 October 20084 August 2009286 days Unity Party
11 Vadim Brovtsev
(born 1969)
5 August 200926 April 20122 years, 266 days Unity Party
12 Rostislav Khugayev
(born 1951)
26 April 2012
20 January 20141 year, 269 days Independent
13 Domenty Kulumbegov
(born 1956)
20 January 201416 May 20173 years, 116 days Independent
14 Erik Pukhayev
(born 1957)
16 May 201729 August 20203 years, 105 days Independent
15 Gennady Bekoyev
(born 1981)
29 August 202020 June 20221 year, 295 days Independent
16 Konstantin Dzhussoev
(born 1967)
20 June 2022Incumbent4 days Independent

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Ossetia Ethnolinguistic region

Ossetia is an region located on both sides of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, inhabited by the indigenous Ossetians. The Ossetian language is part of the Eastern Iranian branch of the family of Indo-European languages. Most countries recognize the Ossetian-speaking area south of the main Caucasus ridge as lying within the borders of Georgia, but it has come under the control of the de facto government of the Russian-backed Republic of South Ossetia. The northern portion of the region consists of the republic of North Ossetia–Alania within the Russian Federation.

South Ossetia Partially recognized state in the South Caucasus

South Ossetia, officially the Republic of South Ossetia – the State of Alania, is a breakaway state in the South Caucasus. It has an officially stated population of just over 53,000 people, who live in an area of 3,900 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi), on the south side of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, with 30,000 living in the capital city, Tskhinvali. Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru, and Syria recognise South Ossetia as a sovereign state. Although Georgia does not control South Ossetia, the Georgian government and the United Nations consider the territory part of Georgia, whose constitution designates the area as "the former autonomous district of South Ossetia", in reference to the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast disbanded in 1990.

Eduard Kokoity President of South Ossetia from 2001 to 2011

Eduard Dzhabeyevich Kokoyty is an Ossetian politician who served as President of the partially recognized state of South Ossetia. His term in office lasted just under ten years, beginning December 2001 and ending December 2011.

Administrative divisions of Georgia (country) Overview of the administrative divisions of Georgia (country)

The subdivisions of Georgia are autonomous republics, regions, and municipalities.

Politics of Abkhazia Overview of the topic

Politics in Abkhazia is dominated by its conflict with Georgia. Abkhazia became de facto independent from Georgia after the 1992–1993 war, but its de jure independence has only been recognised by a few other countries. Abkhazia is a presidential representative democratic republic with a multi-party system, wherein the President is both head of state and head of government. Executive power is exercised by the government of the Republic of Abkhazia. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the People's Assembly of Abkhazia.

Georgian–Ossetian conflict 1989–present conflict between Georgia and the partially recognized South Ossetia

The Georgian–Ossetian conflict is an ethno-political conflict over Georgia's former autonomous region of South Ossetia, which evolved in 1989 and developed into a war. Despite a declared ceasefire and numerous peace efforts, the conflict remained unresolved. In August 2008, military tensions and clashes between Georgia and South Ossetian separatists erupted into the Russo-Georgian War.

President of South Ossetia Head of state of the de facto independent Republic of South Ossetia

The president of the Republic of South Ossetia is the de facto head of state of the partially recognized Republic of South Ossetia that is de jure part of Georgia. This is a list of the de facto presidents of the Republic of South Ossetia and the holders of the precursor to the office.

Frozen conflict Armed conflict ending with no peace treaty

In international relations, a frozen conflict is a situation in which active armed conflict has been brought to an end, but no peace treaty or other political framework resolves the conflict to the satisfaction of the combatants. Therefore, legally the conflict can start again at any moment, creating an environment of insecurity and instability.

Dmitry Ivanovich Sanakoyev is a South Ossetian and Georgian politician, a former official in the secessionist government of South Ossetia and currently Head of the Provisional Administration of South Ossetia, a rival entity established in 2007 in the Georgian-controlled territories of this separatist region.

People of South Ossetia for Peace Former political party in South Ossetia

The People of South Ossetia for Peace movement was the opposition party and political movement in South Ossetia which was formed by the ethnic Ossetians who had been formerly members of the secessionist government in Tskhinvali and outspoken critics of de facto separatist regime in Tskhinvali, headed at that time by Eduard Kokoity.

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Khetagurovo is a 150-house village in South Ossetia, de facto independent partially recognized republic in the South Caucasus, formerly the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast within the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. The village has been controlled by the South Ossetian forces since the armed clashes with the Georgian troops in 1991/1992. Until 1991 village was part of Tskhinvali district, Gori municipality. Sakrebulo center.

International recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia International recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Abkhazia and South Ossetia are disputed territories in the Caucasus. They are both recognised as independent by Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru, and Syria. Russia's initial recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia occurred in the aftermath of the Russo-Georgian War in 2008. The central government of Georgia considers the republics under military occupation by Russia.

Government of South Ossetia

The Government of the Republic of South Ossetia is the political leadership of the only partially recognized, but de facto independent, Republic of South Ossetia.

Vadim Brovtsev Russian businessman

Vadim Vladimirovich Brovtsev is a Russian businessman who was Prime Minister of the Republic of South Ossetia from 5 August 2009 to 26 April 2012, as well as Acting President from December 11, 2011 to April 19, 2012.

Igor Viktorovich Sanakoyev is an Ossetian politician a former Prime Minister of the Republic of South Ossetia, from 18 September 2003 until 1 May 2005.

Occupied territories of Georgia Georgian territories occupied by separatist and Russian forces

The occupied territories of Georgia are the territories occupied by Russia after the Russo-Georgian War in 2008. They consist of the regions of Abkhazia (autonomous) and the former South Ossetian Autonomous Region of Soviet Georgia, whose status is a matter of international dispute.

The events in 2010 in Georgia.