Prince Maurizio, Duke of Montferrat

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Maurizio of Savoy
Duke of Montferrat
Maurizio of Savoy, Duke of Montferrat - Venaria Reale.png
Born13 December 1762
Royal Palace of Turin, Turin
Died1 September 1799(1799-09-01) (aged 36)
Palazzo Carcassona, Sardinia
Full name
Maurizio Giuseppe Maria di Savoia
House House of Savoy
Father Victor Amadeus III
Mother Maria Antonia Ferdinanda of Spain

Maurizio of Savoy (Maurizio Giuseppe Maria; 13 December 1762 1 September 1799) was a prince of Savoy and styled the Duke of Montferrat. [1]



Prince Maurizio as a young child, portrait by Giuseppe Dupra. Dupra, Giuseppe - Maurizio Giuseppe of Savoy - Stupinigi.png
Prince Maurizio as a young child, portrait by Giuseppe Duprà.

Prince Maurizio was born at the Royal Palace of Turin in 1762. He was the ninth child but the fourth son of King Victor Amadeus of Savoy (then styled the "Duke of Savoy") and Queen Maria Antonia Ferdinanda of Spain. He was styled the Duke of Montferrat from birth. The capital of Montferrat, Casale Monferrato , was the scene of great celebration at his birth in his honour. [2] As a royal prince, he received an appanage of 20 Million Piedmont scudo. [3]

To escape the threat of Napoleon I, the duke of Montferrat fled to Sardinia with his brothers Victor Emmanuel and Charles Felix where the trio lived in the Palazzo Carcassona. [4]

His oldest brother Charles Emmanuel fled to Rome. In June 1799 his brother Charles Emmanuel created him Governor of the province of Sassari. Montferrat died on the island in 1799. [5] He died of malaria and was buried at the Cathedral of Alghero. His younger brother Giuseppe, Count of Asti also died of malaria in 1802. [1]

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