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City of Probolinggo
Kota Probolinggo
Aerial view of Probolinggo, 2015.
Lambang Kota Probolinggo.png
Kota Anggur (City of Grapes)
Tri Karsa Bina Praja
(Developing the city by Three Means)
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Location within East Java
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Location in Java and Indonesia
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Probolinggo (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 7°45′S113°13′E / 7.750°S 113.217°E / -7.750; 113.217 Coordinates: 7°45′S113°13′E / 7.750°S 113.217°E / -7.750; 113.217
Country Flag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia
Province Flag of East Java.svg  East Java
Settled4 September 1359 [1]
Gementee1 July 1918 [2]
  Mayor Rukmini Buchori
  Vice MayorMuhammad Suhadak
  Total56.67 km2 (21.88 sq mi)
25 m (82 ft)
  Rank 48
  Density3,900/km2 (10,000/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+7 (Indonesia Western Time)
Area code (+62) 335
Vehicle registration N
Fishing boat at Probolinggo Fishing boats, Probolinggo, 2016 (02).jpg
Fishing boat at Probolinggo
Sugar factory at Probolinggo COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Interieur van een suikerfabriek Probolinggo Oost-Java TMnr 10020879.jpg
Sugar factory at Probolinggo
A local "bestuurder Kareng Probolinggo" COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Portret van een lokale bestuurder Kareng Probolinggo TMnr 10001909.jpg
A local "bestuurder Kareng Probolinggo"

Probolinggo (Indonesian : Kota Probolinggo, Javanese : ꦥꦿꦧꦭꦶꦁꦒ) is a city on the north coast of East Java province, Indonesia. It covers an area of 56.67 sq. km, and had a population of 217,062 at the 2010 Census; [3] the latest official estimate (as of 2014) is 223,159. It is surrounded on the landward side by Probolinggo Regency but is not part of the regency.


Like most of northern East Java, the city has a large Madurese population in addition to many ethnically Javanese people. It is located on one of the major highways across Java, and has a harbor that is heavily used by fishing vessels.

Under the Dutch East Indies colonial administration, especially in the 19th century, Probolinggo was a lucrative regional center for refining and exporting sugar, and sugar remains an important product of the area.

The city is famous for its mangoes, locally called mangga manalagi. Strong dry-season winds from July to September, the angin gending, help the mango trees pollinate and are sometimes credited with being the source of the area's quality fruit. The city formerly produced grapes as well, but few grapes are grown in the area now.

The motto of the city is Bestari which is an abbreviation of bersih (cleanliness), sehat (healthy), tertib (orderly), aman (safe), rapi (neat), and indah (beautiful).


Probolinggo is a hub city where its main road connect three major city in East java, Surabaya to the west (through Pasuruan and Sidoarjo), Jember to the south through Lumajang, and Banyuwangi to the east through Situbondo. Public buses to many major cities are available in Banyuangga bus terminal.

Since 2019, the Trans-java toll road has been completed and provide faster route to the capital Jakarta, which cuts down travel time significantly to only 9 to 10 hour drive from previously 16 to 20 hours.


The city (and the regency) is served by Bayuangga bus station that covers routes to Surabaya, Malang, and Jember.


The city is served by Probolinggo railway station that covers most routes to major cities in Java. However there are no direct train to the capital Jakarta. Travelers to Jakarta have to transit either Surabaya or Yogyakarta.


There is no air route to the city. The closest airport is the Juanda International Airport in Surabaya, which is a less than 2 hour drive through newly completed toll road.


Probolinggo has a tropical savanna climate (Aw) with heavy rainfall December to March and moderate to little rainfall from April to November.

Climate data for Probolinggo
Average high °C (°F)32.2
Daily mean °C (°F)27.2
Average low °C (°F)22.2
Average rainfall mm (inches)242
Source: [4]

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