Protagonistas de Novela

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Protagonistas de Novela (Spanish pronunciation:  [pɾotaɣoˈnistaz ðe noˈβela] ) is a television series in Spanish that has been produced since 2002 by Telemundo Network USA, based on the Protagonistas... franchise.

Protagonistas de Novela has the same format and rules as Protagonistas de la Música , and that is because Protagonistas de Novela, a reality show where the winners are guaranteed a spot in a future telenovela, was released before its musical version. Both shows are produced by Telemundo USA.

The female winner of the show's first season, Millie Ruperto, has already participated in a soap opera, playing a boxing trainer, alongside Venezuelan superstar Gaby Spanic.

The winners of the show's second season in 2003 were Mexican Erick Elías and Dominican Michelle Vargas. This particular season was highly criticized for its results, since Elías won with an alleged 50.1% of the vote over the heavy favorite, Puerto Rican actor Alfredo De Quesada, who had 49.1% of the vote according to the show.

There are also versions of Protagonistas de Novela in Chile (called Protagonistas de la Fama), Colombia and Venezuela. In Chile (airing on Canal 13), the winners were Catalina Bono and Álvaro Ballero. In Colombia (airing on RCN), the winners were Ximena Córdoba and Jaider Villa.

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Erick Elías Rabinovitz is a Mexican actor. Elías began acting as an actor with a screen debut in DKDA: Sueños de juventud (2000), followed by roles in Amigos x siempre (2000). He became known in the reality show Protagonistas de Novela (2003), where he was the winner. He participated in projects of the American network Telemundo, such as; Gitanas (2004), El cuerpo del deseo (2005), El Zorro, la espada y la rosa (2007), Betty en NY (2019) and 100 días para enamorarnos (2020). He got his first starring role in the telenovela Tormenta en el paraíso, from there followed roles as protagonists in Niña de mi corazón (2010), Ni contigo ni sin ti (2011), Porque el amor manda (2013), El color de la pasión (2014) and El hotel de los secretos (2016), the first series that Televisa produced for Blim.

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