Provinces of Turkey

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Provinces of Turkey
Türkiye'nin İlleri (Turkish)
Category Unitary state
Location Republic of Turkey
Number81 Provinces
Populations84,660 (Tunceli) – 15,519,267 (Istanbul)
Areas850 km2 (327 sq mi) (Yalova) – 38,260 km2 (14,771 sq mi) (Konya)

Turkey is divided into 81 provinces (Turkish : il). Each province is divided into a number of districts (ilçe). Each provincial government is seated in the central district (merkez ilçe). For non-metropolitan municipality designated provinces, the central district bears the name of the province (e.g. the city/district of Rize is the central district of Rize Province).


Each province is administered by an appointed governor ( vali ) from the Ministry of the Interior.

List of provinces

Below is a list of the 81 provinces of Turkey, sorted according to their license plate codes. Initially, the order of the codes matched the alphabetical order of the province names. After Zonguldak (code 67), the ordering is not alphabetical, but in the order of the creation of provinces, as these provinces were created more recently and thus their plate numbers were assigned after the initial set of codes had been assigned.

Provinces of the Republic of Turkey
NameArea (km2)Population (2000 census)Population (2019-2020 estimate) [1]
01 Adana 14,045.561,854,2702,237,940
02 Adıyaman 7,606.16623,811626,465
03 Afyonkarahisar 14,718.63812,416729,483
04 Ağrı 11,498.67528,744536,199
05 Amasya 5,703.78365,231337,800
06 Ankara 25,401.944,007,8605,639,076
07 Antalya 20,790.561,719,7512,511,700
08 Artvin 7,367.10191,934170,875
09 Aydın 7,904.43950,7571,110,972
10 Balıkesir 14,472.731,076,3471,228,650
11 Bilecik 4,306.77194,326219,427
12 Bingöl 8,253.51253,739279,812
13 Bitlis 7,094.50388,678348,115
14 Bolu 8,323.39270,654316,126
15 Burdur 7,134.95256,803270,796
16 Bursa 10,886.382,125,1403,056,120
17 Çanakkale 9,950.43464,975542,157
18 Çankırı 7,491.89270,355195,789
19 Çorum 12,796.21597,065530,864
20 Denizli 11,804.19950,7571,037,208
21 Diyarbakır 15,204.011,362,7081,756,353
22 Edirne 6,097.91402,606413,903
23 Elazığ 9,281.45569,616591,098
24 Erzincan 11,727.55316,841234,747
25 Erzurum 25,330.90937,389762,062
26 Eskişehir 13,902.03706,009887,475
27 Gaziantep 6,844.841,285,2492,069,364
28 Giresun 6,831.58523,819448,400
29 Gümüşhane 6,437.01186,953164,521
30 Hakkâri 7,178.88236,581280,991
31 Hatay 5,831.361,253,7261,628,894
32 Isparta 8,871.08513,681444,914
33 Mersin 15,512.251,651,4001,840,425
34 Istanbul 5,315.3310,018,73515,519,267
35 İzmir 12,015.613,370,8664,367,251
36 Kars 10,139.09325,016285,410
37 Kastamonu 13,157.98375,476379,405
38 Kayseri 17,109.331,060,4321,407,409
39 Kırklareli 6,299.78328,461361,836
40 Kırşehir 6,530.32253,239242,938
41 Kocaeli 3,625.291,206,0852,033,441
42 Konya 40,813.522,192,1662,232,374
43 Kütahya 12,013.57656,903579,257
44 Malatya 12,102.70853,658800,165
45 Manisa 13,228.501,260,1691,440,611
46 Kahramanmaraş 14,456.741,002,3841,154,102
47 Mardin 8,806.04705,098838,778
48 Muğla 12,949.21715,3281,000,773
49 Muş 8,067.16453,654408,809
50 Nevşehir 5,391.64309,914303,010
51 Niğde 7,365.29348,081362,861
52 Ordu 5,952.49887,765754,198
53 Rize 3,921.98365,938343,212
54 Sakarya 4,880.19756,1681,029,650
55 Samsun 9,364.101,209,1371,348,542
56 Siirt 5,473.29263,676330,280
57 Sinop 5,816.55225,574218,243
58 Sivas 28,567.34755,091638,956
59 Tekirdağ 6,342.30623,5911,055,412
60 Tokat 10,072.62828,027612,747
61 Trabzon 4,664.04975,137808,974
62 Tunceli 7,685.6693,58484,660
63 Şanlıurfa 19,336.211,443,4222,073,614
64 Uşak 5,363.09322,313370,509
65 Van 19,414.14877,5241,136,757
66 Yozgat 14,074.09682,919421,200
67 Zonguldak 3,309.86615,599596,053
68 Aksaray 7,965.51396,084416,567
69 Bayburt 3,739.0897,35884,843
70 Karaman 8,868.90243,210253,279
71 Kırıkkale 4,569.76383,508283,017
72 Batman 4,659.21456,734608,659
73 Şırnak 7,151.57353,197529,615
74 Bartın 2,080.36184,178198,249
75 Ardahan 4,967.63133,75697,319
76 Iğdır 3,587.81168,634199,442
77 Yalova 850.46168,593270,976
78 Karabük 4,108.80225,102248,958
79 Kilis 1,427.76114,724142,490
80 Osmaniye 3,195.99458,782538,759
81 Düzce 2,592.95314,266392,166


The province's ISO code suffix number, the first two digits of the vehicle registration plates of Turkey, and the first digits of the postal codes in Turkey are the same. The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) codes are different.

Name ISO 3166-2 NUTS Phone prefix
Adana TR-01TR621322
Adıyaman TR-02TRC12416
Afyonkarahisar TR-03TR332272
Ağrı TR-04TRA21472
Aksaray TR-68TR712382
Amasya TR-05TR834358
Ankara TR-06TR510312
Antalya TR-07TR611242
Ardahan TR-75TRA24478
Artvin TR-08TR905466
Aydın TR-09TR321256
Balıkesir TR-10TR221266
Bartın TR-74TR813378
Batman TR-72TRC32488
Bayburt TR-69TRA13458
Bilecik TR-11TR413228
Bingöl TR-12TRB13426
Bitlis TR-13TRB23434
Bolu TR-14TR424374
Burdur TR-15TR613248
Bursa TR-16TR411224
Çanakkale TR-17TR222286
Çankırı TR-18TR822376
Çorum TR-19TR833364
Denizli TR-20TR322258
Diyarbakır TR-21TRC22412
Düzce TR-81TR423380
Edirne TR-22TR212284
Elazığ TR-23TRB12424
Erzincan TR-24TRA12446
Erzurum TR-25TRA11442
Eskisehir TR-26TR412222
Gaziantep TR-27TRC11342
Giresun TR-28TR903454
Gümüşhane TR-29TR906456
Hakkari TR-30TRB24438
Hatay TR-31TR631326
Iğdır TR-76TRA23476
Isparta TR-32TR612246
Istanbul-I (Thrace) TR-34TR100212
Istanbul-II (Anatolia) TR-34TR100216
İzmir TR-35TR310232
Kahramanmaraş TR-46TR632344
Karabük TR-78TR812370
Karaman TR-70TR522338
Kars TR-36TRA22474
Kastamonu TR-37TR821366
Kayseri TR-38TR721352
Kilis TR-79TRC13348
Kırıkkale TR-71TR711318
Kırklareli TR-39TR213288
Kırşehir TR-40TR715386
Kocaeli (İzmit) TR-41TR421262
Konya TR-42TR521332
Kütahya TR-43TR333274
Malatya TR-44TRB11422
Manisa TR-45TR331236
Mardin TR-47TRC31482
Mersin TR-33TR622324
Muğla TR-48TR323252
Muş TR-49TRB22436
Nevşehir TR-50TR714384
Niğde TR-51TR713388
Ordu TR-52TR902452
Osmaniye TR-80TR633328
Rize TR-53TR904464
Sakarya (Adapazarı) TR-54TR422264
Samsun TR-55TR831362
Şanlıurfa TR-63TRC21414
Siirt TR-56TRC34484
Sinop TR-57TR823368
Sivas TR-58TRC33346
Şırnak TR-73TR722486
Tekirdağ TR-59TR211282
Tokat TR-60TR832356
Trabzon TR-61TR901462
Tunceli TR-62TRB14428
Uşak TR-64TR334276
Van TR-65TRB21432
Yalova TR-77TR425226
Yozgat TR-66TR723354
Zonguldak TR-67TR811372

Defunct provinces

A 1927 map of the provinces of Turkey which was published before the alphabet reform Anavatan 1927.jpg
A 1927 map of the provinces of Turkey which was published before the alphabet reform

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