Purushottam Das

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Purushottam Das
Born(1907-07-07)July 7, 1907
Nationality Indian

Purushottam Das (Born: 7 July 1907 – Died: 21 January 1991) was the pioneer of the Nathdwara school of Pakhawaj (a barrel-shaped, two-headed drum instrument usually played in the Indian subcontinent) playing. [1]


Awards and recognitions

He was the son of Sri Ghanshyam Das ji and the eldest member of Nathdwara parampara. Since he was five years old he was able to recite and play various taals in traditional ways. Sri Ghanshyam Das ji used to take little Purushottam along to the temple while playing for the Lord. When he was just nine, his father died and Purushottam was burdened to carry the parampara. He successfully managed to carry it on his shoulders. And served at Sri Nathdwara Temple following his ancestors for many years. Later he joined Bhartiya Kala Kendra and Kathak Kendra at Delhi and finally came back to Sri Nathdwara and left his body there. He had no son but he trained and developed many good disciples including Sri Prakash Chandra, Sri Shyamlal and Sri Ramkrishna (Nathdwara), Sri Durgalal, Maharaj Chhatrapati Singh, Sri Harikrishna Bahera, Pt Totaram Shrama etc.(by Ananya Sharma from St Kabeer Academy, Dehradun)

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The Sangeet Natak Akademi fellowship, officially known as Sangeet Natak Academy Ratna Sadasya, is an Indian honour for the performing arts presented by Sangeet Natak Academy. It is "the most prestigious and rare honour" conferred by the Academy and is restricted to 40 individuals at any given time.

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Haveli Sangeet is a form of Hindustani classical music sung in havelis. The essential component is dhrupad. It originated in Mathura in Braj, northern India. It takes the form of devotional songs sung daily to Krishna by the Pushtimarg sect.

Prerana Shrimali is a senior dancer of Jaipur Gharana of Kathak. Born in 1959 at Banswara in Rajasthan, Shrimati Prerana Shrimali was initiated in Kathak dance by Shri Gauri Shanker. Later, she was groomed in the art at Kathak Kendra, New Delhi, under Shri Kundan Lal Gangani of the Jaipur gharana. She also learnt to play the Pakhawaj and studied vocal music. Shrimati Prerana Shrimali is among the leading Kathak dancers of her generation. A versatile dancer, she has evolved an individual style in her presentation and gained wide popularity as a soloist. She has also choreographed several productions including Doosro Na Koi – Verses of Meera, Aavartan, Vistaar, Vivriti and Aaratis. She has participated in several international dance seminars and conferences and has presented Kathak in the Festival of India in the U.K., the Asian Performing Arts Festival in Japan, the Avignon Festival in France, and the Dance Festival in Switzerland. In the U.S., she has performed at Carnegie Hall, New York, and presented a series of performances in Jordan, Syria and Muscat. She has also imparted training to young dancers at well-known institutions such as Gandharva Mahavidyalaya and the Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra. She has served as Repertory Chief of the Kathak Kendra, Delhi. Shrimati Prerna Shrimali has been bestowed the Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Akademi Award and the Rashtriya Ekta Award of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Her dance has been featured in the film The Far Pavilions produced by BBC. She has herself directed a film, Pathrai Ankhon ke Sapne, for Doordarshan. Shrimati Prerana Shrimali was awarded Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for the year 2009 for her contribution to Kathak dance.

Puru Dadheech Indian Kathak dancer

Puru Dadheech is a famous and recognized Indian Kathak dancer. He is a well known choreographer and educator of Indian classical dance, and is known for his pioneering work in the field of Kathak. He has been awarded with the fourth highest civilian award of india The Padma Shri and India’s highest award to a performing artist given by the president The Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contributions to Performing arts. He has also received the Tagore National Fellowship by Ministry of Culture, highest scholarship to a Performing Artist. Dr. Pt. Puru Dadheech had served as Professor and Head of the Dance Department at Bhatkhande University, Lucknow, and as Dean, Faculty of Arts, at Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwa Vidyalaya, Khairagarh, teaching and guiding several research scholars for their doctoral thesis. At the oldest Kathak department which was formed in 1956 at Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya Public University located in Khairagarh, Dr. Puru Dadheech instated the first Kathak syllabus in 1961. He is the holder of the first Doctorate in Kathak Classical Dance and emphasizes the relevance of Shastras in the Kathak repertoire. Dr Puru Dadheech is considered as the back bone and the father of the education system of kathak.He is currently serving as the Director of world’s first dedicated Kathak research Centre at the Sri Sri University, Cuttak called Sri Sri Centre for Advanced research in Kathak.

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Pandit Falguni Mitra is a Hindustani classical vocalist who is known as a Dhrupad exponent of India. Mitra belongs to the Bettiah gharana.

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Raghav Raj Bhatt is a renowned Kathak dancer, sketch artist and folk and tribal arts expert. He is the prime disciple of Padma Vibhushan Pt Birju Maharaj Ji. His solo, duet and group productions have been staged at numerous prestigious festivals in India and abroad.


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