Qala i Kah District

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Qala i Kah

قلعه کاه
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Qala i Kah
Location within Afghanistan [1]
Coordinates: 32°24′N61°20′E / 32.40°N 61.33°E / 32.40; 61.33 Coordinates: 32°24′N61°20′E / 32.40°N 61.33°E / 32.40; 61.33
Country Flag of Afghanistan.svg  Afghanistan
Province Farah Province
612 m (2,008 ft)
 (2010) [2]

Qala i Kah district [2] is located in the western part of Farah Province, in western Afghanistan. Its western border is with Iran. The population is 29,900. The main town is Qala i Kah (Do Kal'eh) ( 32°17′37″N61°31′35″E / 32.29361°N 61.52639°E / 32.29361; 61.52639 ).

On 30 August 2014, a group of Taliban deliberately shot 16 labourers, killing 12 and injuring four. All 16 civilians were from the same village and were on their way to work when the Taliban stopped their vehicles and shot them. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the killings on their website. [3]

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