Qiu Menghuang

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Qiu Menghuang
Born (1968-12-12) December 12, 1968 (age 52)
Other namesA Qiu (阿丘)
Alma mater Guangxi Teachers Training College  [ zh ]
Years active2003–2020
Television China Central Television
Chinese name

Qiu Menghuang (Chinese :邱孟煌; pinyin :Qiū Mènghuáng, born 12 December 1968), also known as his stage name A Qiu (阿丘), is a Chinese television presenter and blogger.

Qiu Menghuang was born in Shantou, Guangdong Province [1] on 12 December 1968, his parents were both soldiers. Qiu's mother was a Returned Malaysian Chinese. [2] He was admitted to Guangxi Teachers Training College (present-day Nanning Normal University), majoring political economy. After his graduation in 1989, he was assigned to Nanning Cotton Textile Printing and Dyeing Factory, as a political cadre of labor union. In 1992, he became a playwright in Nanning Art Theater. [3]

Qiu joined China Central Television (CCTV) as a television presenter on 21 April 2003. He had hosted several programs, including Society in the News (社会记录), The Elite (人物新周刊), and Daily stories (天天故事汇). [4]

In November 2019, there were rumors said that Qiu has been "expelled from CCTV and never be hired again". However, it was denied by him. [5]

During the COVID-19 pandemic in China, on 26 February 2020, Qiu posted on Sina Weibo: "Even though the stereotype of 'sick man of Asia' has been shattered for over a century, can we be more gentle and apologetic in our tone, humbly put on some face masks and give a bow to the world and say 'sorry for the mess'?" [6] The tweet was subsequently deleted, however, many Chinese social media users accused Qiu of "betraying China" and "providing a moral basis for the global anti-Chinese behavior". [7] [8] On 4 March, CCTV announced that Qiu had been "completely banned from hosting shows". [9] [10]

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