Quest Corporation

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Quest Corporation
Native name
Romanized name
Kabushiki gaisha Kuesuto
Industry Video games industry
Fate Dissolved into Square Enix
FoundedJuly 1988 (1988-07)
DefunctApril 1, 2003 (2003-04-01)
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Products Ogre Battle series
Parent Square (2002)
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Quest Corporation(株式会社クエスト,Kabushiki gaisha Kuesuto) was a Japanese video game company founded in 1988. They were originally known as Bothtec, which had developed The Scheme, a Metroidvania-style open world action role-playing game featuring music by Yuzo Koshiro, that same year. [1] Quest is best known for its critically acclaimed tactical role-playing game series Ogre Battle .


In 1995, key members Yasumi Matsuno, Hiroshi Minagawa, and Akihiko Yoshida left Quest to join Square, [2] where they developed Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story , and have worked on Final Fantasy XII as part of Square Enix. In 2002, Quest was purchased by Square; [2] and the acquisition reunited some of Quest's developers with their former colleagues. These former Quest staff continued to work on the Final Fantasy Tactics sequels Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 , while the Ogre Saga creator Yasumi Matsuno left the company in 2005. Matsuno later reunited with his former team to help design and direct the PSP remake of Tactics Ogre on a freelance basis.

List of games

1988The Scheme NEC PC-8801
Daisenryaku Nintendo Entertainment System
1989 Maharaja
1990 Conquest of the Crystal Palace
Dungeon Kid
Musashi no Bouken
Battle Ping Pong Game Boy
Musashi no Bōken
1991 Legend: Ashita e no Tsubasa
Magical Chase TurboGrafx-16
1993 Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Saturn, PlayStation
1994 Taiyou no Tenshi Marlow: O Hanabatake wa Dai-Panic Game Boy
1995 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Saturn, PlayStation
1998 Puyo Puyo 2 Classic Mac OS
1999 Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber Nintendo 64
2000 Magical Chase Game Boy Color
Ogre Battle: Legend of the Zenobia Prince Neo-Geo Pocket Color
2002 Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Game Boy Advance

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  1. Kurt Kalata. "The Scheme". Hardcore Gaming 101. Retrieved 2011-03-18. Released in 1988 for the PC-88 by a company called Bothtec (which would later become the studio known as Quest, who eventually went on to create Ogre Battle), The Scheme is a side-scrolling action-RPG vaguely similar to Castlevania II: Simon's Quest and Metroid .
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