Quiz of God

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Quiz of God
God's Quiz-poster.jpg
Promotional poster for season 1
Also known asQuiz from God
Genre Crime drama
Medical drama
Created byPark Jae-bum
Developed by OCN
Studio Dragon (season 5)
Written byPark Jae-bum (season 1-3)
Park Dae-sung (season 4)
Lee Doo-il (season 4)
Kang Eun-sun (season 5)
Directed byLee Jun-hyeong (season 1)
Lee Jung-pyo (season 2)
Ahn Jin-woo (season 3)
Lee Min-woo-il (season 4)
Kim Jong-hyuk (season 5)
Starring Ryu Deok-hwan
Yoon Joo-hee
Choi Jung-woo
Park Joon-myun
Kim Dae-jin
Ahn Nae-sang
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes62
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time60 minutes
Production companiesEight Works
Curo Holdings
EveryShow (season 4 only)
Original network OCN
Original releaseOctober 8, 2010 (2010-10-08) 
January 10, 2019 (2019-01-10)

Quiz of God [1] [2] [3] (Korean : 신의 퀴즈; Hanja : 神의 퀴즈; RR : Shineui Kwijeu;lit. God's Quiz) is a South Korean television series broadcast on cable channel OCN. [4] It was the first medical/forensic crime investigation drama to air in Korea. The series follows genius but eccentric neurosurgeon and forensic doctor Han Jin-woo (played by Ryu Deok-hwan) and his team as they solve suspicious deaths and unravel mysteries involving rare diseases. [5]


The title refers to a local saying that rare diseases are like quizzes God gives to humans so as not to become too arrogant. The first season dealt mostly with inherited rare diseases including porphyria, phenylketonuria, muscular dystrophy, Guillain–Barré syndrome, reflex anoxic seizures and Savant syndrome. Fabry disease, Kleine–Levin syndrome and congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis were featured in the second season. [6]

Series overview

SeriesEpisodesOriginally airedAirtime
First airedLast aired
1108 October 2010 (2010-10-08)10 December 2010 (2010-12-10)Fridays at 22:00 (KST)
21210 June 2011 (2011-06-10)26 August 2011 (2011-08-26)Fridays at 24:00 (KST)
31220 May 2012 (2012-05-20)12 August 2012 (2012-08-12)Sundays at 23:00 (KST) [7]
41218 May 2014 (2014-05-18)3 August 2014 (2014-08-03)Sundays at 23:00 (KST)
51614 November 2018 (2018-11-14)10 January 2019 (2019-01-10)Wednesdays and Thursdays at 23:00 (KST) [8]




Guest appearances

Season 1
  • Kim Seung-yeon as psychic
  • Kim Tae-woo as Jae-seok (ep. 1)
  • Kim Byung-ok as entertainment company CEO (ep. 2)
  • Park No-shik as Choi Kyung-ho (ep. 3)
  • Lee Ji-eun as Hong Seong-mi (ep. 3)
  • Lim Hwa-young as Yeo-rang (ep. 4)
  • Im Je-no as Joon-seo (ep. 5)
  • Jung Eun-pyo as gynecologist (ep. 6)
  • Lee Dal-hyung (ep. 7)
  • Seo Ji-seung as Shi-eun (ep. 8)
  • Ahn Yong-joon as Jung Ha-yoon (ep. 9–10)
  • Yoo Hae-jung as Eun-ok, abused child
Season 2
  • Choi Sang-hak
  • Han Yeo-wool
  • Han Yeong-gwang as Lee Kyeong-seok
  • Lee Kyeong-in as Deok-hoon
  • Seo Han-gyeol
  • Lee Han-wi as chief of police
  • Kim Jong-seok
  • Kim Jeong-gyoon
  • Kang Seong-min as Jang in-ho (ep. 3)
  • Oh Kwang-rok as Boss
  • Lee Il-hwa as Hwang Kyu-ri (ep. 5)
  • Jeon Moo-song as a priest (ep. 12)
  • Park Dae-won
Season 3
  • Yoo Jae-myung as Anesthesiologist Lee
  • Park Jae-jung as Park Jong-min
  • Kim Ga-eun as Yoon So-jung
  • Hong So-hee as Shin Hee-soo
  • Jung Joon-won as Woo-ram (ep. 4)
  • Alexander as Lee Han-seo (ep. 6)
  • Yang Ohn-yoo as young Han-seo (ep. 6)
  • Choi Ah-ra as Chae-kyung
  • Go Kyung-pyo as Seo In-gak (ep. 10–12)
  • Kang Bit
  • Moon Ji-young as Mi-kyung
  • Yoon Joo-hee as Kang Kyung-hee (ep. 12)
Season 4
  • Lee Yoo as Min Ji-hee
  • Lee Do-yeon as Da-mi
  • Jang Seung-jo as Lee Jae-joon
  • Lee Soo-yong as Park Jung-wook/Panna Nuen
  • Cho Hye-jung as Jung Mi-hyang (ep. 1)
  • Kim Jin-geun as Mi-hyang's father (ep. 1)
  • Lim Yoon-ho as Ko Kyung-han (ep. 2)
  • Park Min-ji as Park Ha-young (ep. 2)
  • Song Ji-hyun as Ahn Hee-yeon (ep. 3)
  • Hwang Seung-eon as Ahn Hyo-yeon (ep. 3)
  • Choi Tae-hwan as Lee Soo-yong (ep. 4)
  • Han Ki-won as Hong Ki-joon (ep. 4)
  • Kim Heung-soo as Lee Jong-seok (ep. 5)
  • Baek Bong-ki as Lee Hwan-seung (ep. 6)
  • Kwon Eun-soo as Kim Han-sook (ep. 6)
  • Jang Kyung-yeob as Lee Jong-hyuk (ep. 7)
  • Seo Woo-jin as Kang Do-jin (ep. 7)
  • Ji-soo as Kim Eun-shil (ep. 7)
  • Sung Doo-sub as Lee Chul-min (ep. 8)
  • Jang Se-hyun as Lee Woo-min (ep. 8)
  • Jung So-young as Choi Seo-yeon (ep. 9)
  • Kim Bo-mi as Go Gil-nyeo (ep. 10)
  • Choi Ho-joong as Park Chan-hyung (ep. 10)
  • Yang Geum-seok as Jang Hae-won, Jin-woo's mother (ep. 10–12)
  • Choi Cheol-ho as Seo Sang-woo (ep. 11–12)
Season 5
  • Lee Sang-yi as Park Jae-sung (ep. 1,2)
  • Lee Young-sook as Kim Soo-soon, Jae-sung's mother (ep. 2)
  • Jung Myung-joon as Min Byung-tae (ep. 1,2)
  • Kim Kyung-min as Jung Chang-man (ep. 2)
  • Baek Su-ho as Im Doo-yeon (ep. 3,4)
  • Jo Seung-yeon as Lee Jae-hyung (ep. 4)
  • Park Se-hyun as Lee Ji-eun (ep. 4)
  • Kim Dong-bum as Huh Sang-chan (ep. 3,4)
  • Tak Woo-seok as Yoon Hyun-jong (ep. 5,6)
  • Seo Yu-jeong as Shin Yeon-hwa (ep. 5,6)
  • Han Seung-yong as Hwang Kyung-chul (ep. 5,6)
  • Shin Young-eun as Yoon Se-eun (ep. 5,6)
  • Jang Won as Kwon Young-pil (ep. 5,6)
  • Hong Ji-young as Nam Sang-bok's sister (ep. 7,8)
  • Yang Joo-ho as Nam Sang-bok's brother-in-law (ep. 7,8)
  • Im Yoo-sung as Kim Seo-joon, Nam Sang-bok's nephew (ep. 7,8)
  • Jeon Se-hyeon as Ra Hee-young (ep. 7,8)
  • Oh Yoo-jin as Lee Eun-soo (ep. 7,8)
  • Jang Won-hyuk as Yang Oh-soo (ep. 8)
  • Jung Hye-rin as Oh Soo-young (ep. 8)
  • Kang Jae-min as Shin Sun-woo (ep. 9,10)
  • Jung Woo-young as Lee Young-rak (ep. 9,10)
  • Choi Young-woo as Jeon Du-yeop (ep. 10)
  • Kim Do-kyung as Ha Yoon-woo (ep. 10)

Character appearances

CharacterPortrayed bySeries
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Han Jin-woo Ryu Deok-hwan Main
Kang Kyung-hee Yoon Joo-hee MainGuestMain
Jang Kyu-tae Choi Jung-woo MainGuest
Jo Young-shilPark Joon-myunMain
Kim Seong-do Kim Dae-jin Main
Bae Tae-shik Ahn Nae-sang Main
Han Shi-woo Lee Donghae Main
Im Tae-kyung Kim Jae-kyung Main
Jung Seung-bin Yoon Bo-ra Main
Moon Soo-an Park Hyo-joo Main
Hyeon Sang-pil Kim Jaewon Main
Go Yoon-jungPark Da-anRecurring
Nam Joo-namKim Geon-wooRecurring
Park Seung-wookChu Seung-wookRecurring
Jung Ha-yoon Ahn Yong-joon GuestRecurring
Min Ji-yoolLee Seol-heeRecurringGuest
Cha Woo-binKim Se-hyunRecurring
Lee Young-eunLee Ha-rinRecurring
Lee Ran Park Hee-von Recurring
Yoo So-yiHan Seo-jinRecurring
Nam Ki-yongKang Sung-pilRecurring
Gu Doo-jinHan Seung-hyunRecurring
Jo Il-yeobYoon Jin-youngRecurring
Kwak Hyeok-min Kim Jun-han Recurring
Nam Sang-bokKim Ki-dooRecurring
Lim Si-hyunYoo Jung-raeRecurring


Quiz of God: South Korea viewers per episode (thousands)
SeasonEpisode numberAverage
Source: Audience measurement performed nationwide by Nielsen Media Research. [12]

Season 1 (2010)

Ep.Original broadcast dateTitleRare Disease
1October 8, 2010Dracula's Tragedy (드라큘라의 비극) Porphyria
2October 15, 2010The Lost City of Idols (잃어버린 아이돌의 도시) Guillain-Barré Syndrome
3October 22, 2010Assassin (어쌔신) Lipodysthrophy / Highlander Syndrome
4October 29, 2010God's Daughter (신이 내린 딸) Muscular Dystrophy
5November 5, 2010Protein Tracer (단백질 추적자) Phenylketonuria
6November 12, 2010Fan Death (팬 데쓰) Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
7November 19, 2010Paper Doll (종이인형) Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
8November 26, 2010Last Present (마지막 선물) Reflex Asystolic Syncope
9December 3, 2010Thanatos (Part 1) (타나토스 1) Aquagenic Urticaria / Evans Syndrome
10December 10, 2010Thanatos (Part 2) (타나토스 2) Williams Syndrome

Season 2 (2011)

Ep.Original broadcast dateTitleRare Disease
1June 10, 2011Wrist Cutting Syndrome (Part 1) (리스트 컷 신드롬 1) Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia
2June 17, 2011Wrist Cutting syndrome (Part 2) (리스트 컷 신드롬 2)\
3June 24, 2011Elephant Man (엘리펀트 맨) Von Recklinghausen Disease
4July 1, 2011Lovesick (Lovesick) Long QT Syndrome
5July 8, 2011The Definition of Psychopath (사이코패스의 정의)
6July 15, 2011Maniac (매니악)
7July 22, 2011A Bomb in My Ears (내 귀에 폭탄)
8July 29, 2011White (화이트)
9August 5, 2011Blood Sale (블러드 세일)
10August 12, 2011Monster (몬스터)
11August 19, 2011The Last Sacred War (Part 1) (마지막 성전 1)
12August 26, 2011The Last Sacred War (Part 2) (마지막 성전 2)

Season 3 (2012)

Ep.Original broadcast dateTitle
1May 20, 2012Unidentified Organism (미확인 생명체)
2May 27, 2012Hospice (호스피스)
3June 3, 2012CRPS (CRPS)
4June 10, 2012Pits of Hell (지옥도)
5June 17, 2012Death Mask (데스마스크)
6June 24, 2012Congressman Lee's Murder (이명관 의원 살인사건)
7July 1, 2012Toxic Drama (Toxic Drama)
8July 8, 2012Spirits of the Dead (원귀)
9July 15, 2012Han Jin-woo Syndrome (한진우 신드롬)
10July 22, 2012Synapse (시냅스)
11July 29, 2012Phantom in the Brain (Part 1) (팬텀 인 더 브레인 1)
12August 12, 2012Phantom in the Brain (Part 2) (팬텀 인 더 브레인 2)

Season 4 (2014)

Ep.Original broadcast dateTitle
1May 18, 2014Scarlet Tears (붉은 눈물)
2May 25, 2014Angel's Nails (천사의 손톱)
3June 1, 2014Serpentine Dance (뱀의 춤)
4June 8, 2014One Warm Day (어느 따뜻한 날)
5June 15, 2014Dead Man Walking (데드 맨 워킹)
6June 22, 2014Modern Times (모던 타임즈)
7June 29, 2014X (X)
8July 6, 2014Superman (슈퍼맨)
9July 13, 2014The Pianist's Lover (피아니스트의 연인)
10July 20, 2014God's Proxy (신의 대리인)
11July 27, 2014Goodbye Moebius (Part 1) (굿바이 뫼비우스 1)
12August 3, 2014Goodbye Moebius (Part 2) (굿바이 뫼비우스 2)

Season 5: Reboot (2018-2019)

Ep.Original broadcast dateTitleRatings
AGB Nielsen (Seoul) [13]
1November 14, 2018The Fire Demon (화마)1.926%
2November 15, 20182.566%
3November 21, 2018Mad World (매드 월드)2.009%
4November 22, 20182.215%
5November 28, 2018Hope for Heaven (천국을 찾아서)2.178%
6November 29, 20182.259%
7December 5, 2018The New Narcissism (뉴 나르시시즘)2.126%
8December 6, 20182.352%
9December 12, 2018A Single Moon (하나의)2.096%
10December 13, 20182.610%
11December 19, 2018Remember (Remember)2.428%
12December 20, 20182.509%
13January 2, 2019Just... (Just...)2.007%
14January 3, 20192.233%
15January 9, 2019Only One (Only One)2.184%
16January 10, 20192.688%

International broadcast

The first three seasons aired in Japan on BS-Japan, [14] [15] [16] and the fourth season aired on DATV starting from December 16, 2014. [17]


  1. Credited as Na Yoon

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