Râmnicelu, Buzău

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Location in Buzău County
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Location in Romania
Coordinates: 45°22′N27°07′E / 45.367°N 27.117°E / 45.367; 27.117 Coordinates: 45°22′N27°07′E / 45.367°N 27.117°E / 45.367; 27.117
CountryFlag of Romania.svg  Romania
County Buzău
SubdivisionsColibași, Fotin, Râmnicelu, Știubei
  Mayor (20202024) Dumitru Stanciu [1] (PSD)
48.54 km2 (18.74 sq mi)
 (2011) [2]
  Density99/km2 (260/sq mi)
Time zone EET/EEST (UTC+2/+3)
Vehicle reg. BZ
Website Official website (in Romanian)

Râmnicelu is a commune in Buzău County, Muntenia, Romania. It is composed of four villages: Colibași, Fotin, Râmnicelu and Știubei.

At the 2011 census, 57.1% of inhabitants were Romanians and 42.7% were Roma.

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The 2011–12 Liga I was the ninety-fourth season of Liga I, the top-level football league of Romania. It began on 22 July 2011 and ended on 19 May 2012. The defending champions are Oțelul Galați.

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