RKS Radomsko

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RKS Radomsko
Full nameRadomszczański Klub Sportowy
GroundStadion RKS
Radomsko, Poland
Chairman Flag of Poland.svg Wojciech Lenk
Manager Flag of Poland.svg Rafał Ozga
Website Club website

RKS Radomsko is a small football club based in the city of Radomsko, in the south of Poland. Established in 1979, the club has played most of it history in the Polish Fourth League, though in 1993, the club advanced to the Polish Third League, and to the Polish Second League in 1995.

RKS Radomsko's most notable achievements include the establishment of international stars such as Jacek Krzynówek, who plays for Bayer Leverkusen, and the very unexpected representation in the Polish First League, in 2001, where they played considerably well in the first half of the season. In 2003 the club made it to the semi-final of the Puchar Polski (Polish Cup), although the club has since hit harder times and, in 2005, experienced relegation from the Polish Second League.

Their biggest rivals are GKS Bełchatów mostly due to the close proximity of the two clubs and many years spent in the same divisions.

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Cheikhou Omar Ben Tall, commonly known as Omar Tall, is a Senegalese-born, American soccer player who plays as a midfielder for RKS Radomsko.