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Origin Brasília, DF, Brazil
Genres Punk rock, hardcore punk, alternative metal, forrócore
Years active1987 - present
Labels Deckdisc
Banguela Records
Warner Music
Associated actsRodox, Rumbora, Supergalo, Peter Perfeito, Ultraje a Rigor
Website raimundos.com.br
Past members Rodolfo Abrantes

Raimundos is a Brazilian punk/hardcore band. They have major influences of 1980s punk bands, especially Ramones. The band was formed in Brasília, Distrito Federal, in 1987 by Digão and Rodolfo Abrantes. The vocalist Derrick Green of Sepultura participated on their CD Kavookavala and João Gordo of Ratos de Porão participated on their first album Raimundos (1994) providing backing vocals on the song MM's. The name of the band alludes and ironically refers to the proper name Raimundo, [1] sometimes used pejoratively in southern Brazilian capitals, as it is one of the most common male first names of persons born or descendant from the poorest regions of the Brazilian northeast region, while also being a local-flavored homage to the Ramones.



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Lavô Tá Novo is the second album by the Brazilian hardcore punk band Raimundos. It was released in 1995 through Warner Music, and its producer was Mark Dearnley, that had already worked with AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Def Leppard. This album sold about four hundred thousand copies.

<i>Cesta Básica</i> 1996 compilation album by Raimundos

Cesta Básica is a box compilation of the Brazilian band Raimundos. It was launched in 1996, consisting of a comic book, a VHS tape and a CD. Its name comes from the "Cesta Básica", a bundle of food items such as rice, beans, noodles, sugar and salt, commonly distributed by the Brazilian government to extremely poor families.

Lapadas do Povo is the fourth album of the Brazilian band Raimundos. It was launched in 1997, and produced by Mark Dearnley, at Sound City Studio, in Los Angeles.

Éramos 4 is the seventh album of the Brazilian rock band Raimundos, launched in 2001, after the exit of the singer Rodolfo Abrantes. The disc contains basically cover songs of Ramones, played live with Marky Ramone, ex-drummer of the band.

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