Ray Rennahan

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Ray Rennahan
Born(1896-05-01)May 1, 1896
DiedMay 19, 1980(1980-05-19) (aged 84)
Occupation cinematographer
Title A.S.C.
Board member of A.S.C. President (1950–1951), (1965–1966)
Awards Hollywood Walk of Fame, Academy Award for Color Cinematography
Gone with the Wind 1940
Blood and Sand 1941

Ray Rennahan, A.S.C. (May 1, 1896 – May 19, 1980) was a motion picture cinematographer.



For his work in films, he became one of the only six cinematographers to have a "star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the other five being Haskell Wexler, Conrad L. Hall, J. Peverell Marley, Leon Shamroy and Hal Mohr.

He won two Academy Awards for Color Cinematography, for Gone with the Wind , with Ernest Haller in 1940, and Blood and Sand , with Ernest Palmer in 1942. He was also nominated in that category for Drums Along the Mohawk in 1940, with Bert Glennon; Down Argentine Way , with Leon Shamroy; The Blue Bird in 1941, with Arthur Miller; Louisiana Purchase in 1942, with Harry Hallenberger; For Whom the Bell Tolls in 1944; and Lady in the Dark in 1945.

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