Raymond Pellegrin

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Raymond Pellegrin

Raymond Pellegrin (1 January 1925 14 October 2007) was a French actor.

Born in Nice, Pellegrin made his screen debut in the 1945 French feature Naïs .

He was also famous in France for dubbing Jean Marais for the voice of Fantômas in the eponymous film trilogy.

He married actress Dora Doll on 12 July 1949; the couple had a daughter named Danielle, and divorced in 1955. He married actress Gisèle Pascal on 8 October 1955; on 12 September 1962, the couple had a daughter, Pascale Pellegrin, now also an actress.

In his films, he is sometimes credited as "Raymond Pellegrini." He died in Garons.


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