Regency Council (Iran)

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The Regency Council (Persian : شورای سلطنت, translit.  Šūrā-ye Salṭanat) of Imperial State of Iran, was a nine-members body formed on 13 January 1979 by Mohammad Reza Shah to carry out his duties [1] after he left Iran amidst Iranian Revolution and served as the symbol of his continued claim on power. [2]


The council was practically dissolved within days, when its head resigned on 22 January 1979 to meet Ayatollah Khomeini. [2]


# Name [3] Latest Office [3] Position in the Council
1Jalal TehraniFormer Senator
2Mohammad Ali VarastehFormer Minister of Finance
3 Shapour Bakhtiar Prime Minister
4Mohammad Sajjadi President of the Senate
5 Javad Saeid Speakers of the Parliament
6Gen. Abbas Gharabaghi Chief-of-Staff of Imperial Iranian Army
7Aligholi ArdalanMinister of Royal Court
8 Abdullah Entezam Former Chairman of National Iranian Oil Company
9Abdolhossein Ali AbadiFormer Prosecutor-General

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