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Remix album and live album by
ReleasedMarch 6, 2009 (2009-03-06)
Genre Indie punk
Length73:38 (Remix CD)
56:48 (Live CD)
Label Staatsakt
Producer Tobias Jundt
Bonaparte chronology
Too Much
My Horse Likes You

Remuched is a double CD released by Berlin-based indie punk band Bonaparte. The first disc (Remuched) contains remixes and a B side from their debut album, Too Much , while the second disc (Blood, Sweat & Würstchen) contains live songs.


Track listing


  1. "Killing Time" 2:01
  2. "Do You Want to Party" (Remuched by Siriusmo) 3:08
  3. "Ego" (Remuched by Filewile) 4:47
  4. "Too Much" (Remuched by Housi Housemeister) 4:32
  5. "Who Took the Pill?" (Remuched by Markus Lange) 4:53
  6. "Blow It Up" (Remuched by Marvin Suggs) 4:40
  7. "Lvdngrslvngklls" (Remuched by Rampa) 7:05
  8. "Wrygdwylife?" (Remuched by One Shot Orchestra) 5:00
  9. "Who Took the Pill?" (Siriusmo's Reprise) 1:06
  10. "3 Minutes in the Brain of Bonaparte" (Remuched by Jcll) 6:11
  11. "Anti Anti" (Remuched by Quinto) 5:00
  12. "Ego" (Remuched by Jack Tennis) 4:57
  13. "Blow It Up" (Remuched by Hifi Brown) 2:57
  14. "Anti Anti" (Aminus' Clap 'til You Die Mix) 3:14
  15. "Who Took the Pill?" (Remuched by Death of a Cheerleader) 3:35
  16. "Ego" (Remuched by Zachov) 4:28
  17. "A Song in ©" (Bonaparte vs. Benfay) 2:46
  18. "3 Minutes in the Brain of Bonaparte" (Michael Szedlak Mix) 3:28

Blood, Sweat & Würstchen

  1. "Do You Want to Party" (Live at Admiralspalast Berlin) 1:55
  2. "Tú me molas" (Live at Festsaal Kreuzberg) 2:52
  3. "Wrygdwylife?" (Live at Dachstock Bern) 3:23
  4. "Anti Anti" (Live at Admiralspalast Berlin) 3:27
  5. "Ego" (Live in the Emperor's Brain) 3:49
  6. "I Can't Dance" (Live at Dachstock Bern) 3:18
  7. "Blow It Up" (Live in Carlos' Cellar Dungeon) 3:22
  8. "A-a-ah" (Live at Mrs. Bonaparte's Château) 4:29
  9. "Killing Time" (Bosie Sold His Soul to the Devil) 1:35
  10. Interlude: Xixi's Paranoid Panamanian Fruit Salad 1:21
  11. "Who Took the Pill?" (Live at Grand Theatre Groningen) 3:14
  12. "Too Much" (Live in the Bloody Bunny's Costume) 3:53
  13. Interlude: Le strip de Lulu le Squelette (Leçon 01) 1:20
  14. "Bienvenido" (Live in Between Caesar's Stripes) 2:45
  15. "No, I'm Against It!" (Live at Admiralspalast Berlin) 2:05
  16. "Lvdngrslvngklls" (Live at Cannonman's Helmet) 4:17
  17. "Gigolo Vagabundo" (Live Somewhere im Grenzbereich) 4:59
  18. "Anti Anti" (Reprise - Welcome to Madness...) 2:13
  19. "Blow It Up" (Jazz & Cheese at the Kaiser's House) 2:43


  1. "Blow It Up" (Jazz & Cheese Version) 2:43
  2. "A-a-ah" (Round Table Knights Remix) 4:15
  3. "Anti Anti" (Markus Lange Remix) 5:55
  4. "Blow It Up" (Damien Qwerty Blip It Up Mix) 3:30
  5. "Ego" (Jack Tennis Vocal Mix) 5:24
  6. "Ego" (Jacob Suske Old Rmxxl Mas) 3:42
  7. "I Can't Dance" (Bellwethers I Can't Surf Mix) 4:09
  8. "Lvdngrslvngklls" (Kg Baltimore Club Mix) 4:55
  9. "Too Much" (Elektroluk Remix) 4:03
  10. "Too Much" (Jack Tennis Reggae Mashup) 3:52
  11. "Too Much" (Markus Lange Remix) 5:25
  12. "Tú me molas" (Bellwethers Maximum Drama Mix) 5:30
  13. "Gigolo Vagabundo" (Almost Live) 4:20
  14. "I Can't Dance" (Almost Live) 2:48
  15. "Lvdngrslvngklls" (Live) 3:29
  16. "This War" (Unreleased Early Bonaparte Song Script) 4:47
  17. "Who Took the Pill?" (Almost Live) 3:14
    • A re-recorded version of "This War" was included as a bonus track on the vinyl version of the band's next studio album, My Horse Likes You .
    • "Anti Anti (Markus Lange Remix)" was subsequently released as "Anti Anti (Markus Lange Dub)" on Anti Anti (Remixes) .
    • "I Can't Dance (Bellwethers I Can't Surf Mix)" and "Tú me molas (Bellwethers Maximum Drama Mix)" were subsequently released in an edited form by New Zealander duo Bellwethers in their debut EP, Cattle Battle. [3] [4] The EP includes two additional remixes of "A-a-ah" and "Gigolo Vagabundo", which are exclusive to that release.

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