Renato Chiantoni

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Renato Chiantoni
Renato Chiantoni in Lo voglio morto, 1968.jpg
Renato Chiantoni in I Want Him Dead 1968
Born(1906-04-19)19 April 1906
Lombardy, Italy
Died24 December 1979(1979-12-24) (aged 75)
Rome, Italy
Years active1937-1978

Renato Chiantoni (19 April 1906 24 December 1979) was an Italian actor. He appeared in 100 films between 1937 and 1978. [1]


Born in Brescia, the son of the stage actor Amedeo, Chiantoni debuted on stage entering several drama and revue companies. [2] He was later active as an actor of radio dramas. [2] Very active in films as a character actor since the 1930s, after World War II Chiantoni also worked as a director of production and as a documentary director. [2]

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