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Revolutionary Sisters
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오케이 광자매
오케이 光姊妹
Literal meaningOkay Photon Sisters
Revised Romanization Okei Gwangjamae
Created byKi Min-Soo
Moon Jun-ha
KBS Drama Division
Written by Moon Young-nam
Directed byLee Jin-seo
ComposersJang Young-kyu
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes50
Executive producersKang Byeong-taek (KBS)
Choi Hee-seok (CP)
Moon Seon-ho (CP)
ProducersLee Ho
Kim Hae-jung
Kim Sang-heon
Choi Jin-wook
EditorLim Hyun Joon
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time70 minutes
Production companies
Budget₩20 billion [1]
Original network KBS2
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Audio format Dolby Digital
Original releaseMarch 13 (2021-03-13) 
September 18, 2021 (2021-09-18)

Revolutionary Sisters [2] (Korean : 오케이 광자매) is a 2021 South Korean television series starring Yoon Joo-Sang, Hong Eun-Hee, Jeon Hye-bin, Kim Kyung-nam, Go Won-hee, and Lee Bo-hee. [3] [4] Directed by Lee Jin-seo, the weekend drama revolves around Lee sisters, who are suspected of murder of their mother during divorce proceedings of their parents. [5] It premiered on KBS2 on March 13, 2021, and aired on every Saturday and Sunday from 19:55 (KST) till September 18. [6] [7]


The series ended on September 18 after 50 episodes. The 49th episode of the series aired on September 12, 2021, logged a national average viewership of 32.6% with 5.8 million viewers watching the episode, it placed the series at 7th rank among 'Top 50 series per nationwide viewers in Korea'. [8]


The series opens with the murder of a mother that is committed during parent's divorce proceedings and all members of the Lee family and the extended family are suspected of murder. This series further tells the suspenseful but humorous story of the aftermath of the murder.

Lee Cheol-soo (Yoon Joo-sang) has three daughters, Lee Gwang-nam, Lee Gwang-sik and Lee Gwang-tae. He is a stickler for rules and principles. The daughters resent him. Lee Gwang-nam, the eldest, is proud, selfish and the apple of her mother's eyes. Her mother has suffered due to her father, so she dislikes him. Lee Gwang-sik, the second daughter is a public officer. She is smart, principled and considerate to others. Lee Gwang-tae, the youngest daughter, is good at martial arts and works part-time. She does not consider marriage an option.

Meanwhile, since Han Ye-seul was 12, he had dreamt of becoming a trot singer.After dropping out of high school, he came to Seoul to pursue his dream.He is hard-working,kind and righteous.



65 years old, father of three daughters, Bong-ja's brother-in-law, Taeng-ja's brother-in-law, works to open the toilet sewage system [9]
43 years old, first daughter, egoistic, vain and conceited, Lee Cheol-soo's first daughter, Gwang-sik and Gwang-tae's eldest sister [10]
34 years old, second daughter, smart and just, wise and considerate and an intelligent government employee [11]
29 years old, youngest sister to Gwang-nam and Gwang-sik, 11th-degree black belts, cheerful and cool, a trend taker [12]
32 years old, a guitarist and an aspiring trot singer, Lee Gwang-sik's lover, man with good morals and values, humorous, emotional and decent character [13]
45 years old, Lee Gwang-nam's husband, a successful lawyer
57 years old, aunt of three sisters, Cheol-soo's sister in law, Taeng-ja's older sister, owner of a one-room building [14]
72 years old, Han Ye-seul's father, junior from Lee park-soo's hometown


55 years old, aunt of three sisters, Cheol-soo's sister-in-law, Bong-ja's sister
7 years old, Taeng-ja's daughter
46 years old, owner of Bae Byeon-ho's regular restaurant
29 years old, Heo Poong-jin's brother
38 years old, he has affection for his younger brother, Gi-jin, more than his parents [16]
29 years old, Gwang-sik's current husband, an elementary school classmate with Gwang-tae.

Special appearance



With this series Yoon Joo-sang is celebrating his 50th year of debut. [9]


Stills from filming of Go Won-hee as the youngest sister were released in February 2021. [22] On March 6, 2021, the production crew releasing pictures of cast from filming location commented, "In fact, the actors of the 'Revolutionary Sisters' are always caring for and caring for each other, making their filming more enjoyable and joyful than ever before." [23] On April 13 filming was temporarily stopped due to self-quarantine of cast member who came into close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case. The subsequent airing of two episodes on April 17 and 18 were also postponed for April 24 and 25. [lower-alpha 1] The filming of the series ended in late August 2021. [24]

Original soundtrack

Revolutionary Sisters
Soundtrack album by
Genre Soundtrack
Label Vlending Co., Ltd.

Part 1

Released on March 28, 2021 (2021-03-28) [25]
1."A Photonic Sister" (광자매 납신다)Lee Nal-chiLee Nal-chi
  • Kwon Song-hee
  • Shin Yu-jin
  • Ahn Lee-ho
  • Na-rae

Part 2

Released on April 24, 2021 (2021-04-24) [26]
1."Suspicion" (타이틀 의심)Lee Nal-chiLee Nal-chiThis flying fish3:07

Part 3

Released on May 2, 2021 (2021-05-02) [27]
1."Propose"Beomju Kim , Sihyuk KimBeomju Kim , Sihyuk Kim Bernard Park 2:45
2."Proposal" (Inst.) Beomju Kim , Sihyuk Kim 2:45

Part 4

Released on May 9, 2021 (2021-05-09) [28]
1."My Heart Rushes" (마음이 스르륵 (채운))Kyungyoung YoonHmiChaewoon3:07
2."My Heart Rushes" (Inst.) Hmi 3:07

Part 5

Released on June 12, 2021 (2021-06-12) [29]
1."Loving U" (좋아서 좋아해 츄 (이달의 소녀))Yoon KyungHumi Chuu (Loona)2:51
2."Loving U" (Inst.)   2:51

Part 6

Released on June 19, 2021 (2021-06-19) [30]
1."Sound of Farewell" (이별소리)Museong, Playing Children (high seAson), Lim Ki-beom (high seAson)Playing Children (high seAson), Lim Ki-beom (high seAson) Lee Chang-min 4:09
2."Sound of Farewell" (Inst.)   4:09

Part 7

Released on July 11, 2021 (2021-07-11) [31]
1."Okay" (오케이)Young-tak, Ji Kwang-minJeongyoung Kwak, Jeongsu Hong, Jaegyu Lee Young Tak 3:10
2."I will go to you" (너에게 갈게)Lim Han, Jungsu HongHan LimHan Lim 
3."Okay" (Inst.)3:10Jeongyoung Kwak, Jeongsu Hong, Jaegyu Lee  
4."I will go to you" (Inst.) Han Lim  

Part 8

Released on July 31, 2021 (2021-07-31) [32]
1."Okidokiya" (오키도키야)Algoboni, Honsu Sang-taeAlgoboni, Honsu Sang-taeJin-seong2:30
2."Okidokiya" (Inst.)   2:30

Part 9

Released on August 22, 2021 (2021-08-22) [33] [34]
1."Okidokiya (Rock Ver.)" (오키도키야 (Rock Ver.))ALGOBONI HONSUSANGTAEALGOBONI HONSUSANGTAE Kim Kyung-nam 2:24
2."Okidokiya (Rock Ver.)" (Inst.)   2:24


Audience response

As per Nielsen Korea, the 49th episode aired on September 12, 2021, logged a national average viewership of 32.6% with 5.8 million viewers watching the episode, thereby breaking its own highest ratings. It also takes the series at 7th place among 'Top 50 series per nationwide viewers in Korea'. [35] [8]

Revolutionary Sisters: South Korea viewers per episode (millions)
EpisodesEpisode number
Source: Audience measurement performed nationwide by Nielsen Korea. [36]
Ep.PartOriginal broadcast dateAverage audience share
Nielsen Korea [37] [38] TNmS [39]
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
11March 13, 202120.3% (3rd)19.8% (4th)17.7% (4th)
223.5% (2nd)22.0% (2nd)20.6% (2nd)
21March 14, 202123.4% (2nd)22.8% (2nd)21.9% (2nd)
226.0% (1st)25.1% (1st)23.7% (1st)
31March 20, 202121.1% (3rd)20.3% (4th)18.9% (3rd)
225.0% (2nd)23.7% (2nd)22.0% (2nd)
41March 21, 202124.4% (2nd)22.4% (2nd)21.5% (2nd)
227.2% (1st)25.5% (1st)23.8% (1st)
51March 27, 202122.2% (4th)20.6% (4th)19.0% (4th)
226.7% (2nd)25.4% (2nd)22.0% (2nd)
61March 28, 202124.5% (2nd)23.2% (2nd)21.2% (2nd)
226.9% (1st)25.7% (1st)23.4% (1st)
71April 3, 202121.6% (2nd)20.1% (2nd)
225.1% (1st)23.6% (1st)
81April 4, 202125.4% (2nd)23.6% (2nd)22.4% (2nd)
226.8% (1st)24.7% (1st)24.7% (1st)
91April 10, 202120.0% (2nd)18.1% (2nd)18.4% (2nd)
225.2% (1st)23.2% (1st)22.4% (1st)
101April 11, 202123.6% (2nd)21.1% (2nd)22.1% (2nd)
226.3% (1st)24.0% (1st)24.7% (1st)
111April 24, 2021 [lower-alpha 1] 21.2% (2nd)19.3%(2nd)19.2% (2nd)
225.4% (1st)23.4% (1st)22.6% (1st)
121April 25, 202124.2% (2nd)22.6% (2nd)21.4% (2nd)
227.7% (1st)26.1% (1st)24.9% (1st)
131May 1, 202122.8% (2nd)21.5% (2nd)19.3% (2nd)
226.7% (1st)24.9% (1st)23.0% (1st)
141May 2, 202124.7% (2nd)24.0% (2nd)22.2% (2nd)
228.1% (1st)27.4% (1st)24.7% (1st)
151May 8, 202120.2% (2nd)19.4% (2nd)18.1% (2nd)
225.9% (1st)24.5% (1st)22.7% (1st)
161May 9, 202126.2% (2nd)24.4% (2nd)22.0% (2nd)
230.2% (1st)28.3% (1st)25.7% (1st)
171May 15, 202124.6% (2nd)22.9% (2nd)
229.1% (1st)27.6% (1st)
181May 16, 202128.9% (2nd)27.3% (2nd)25.1% (2nd)
231.8% (1st)30.7% (1st)27.4% (1st)
191May 22, 202123.2% (2nd)22.2% (2nd)20.3% (2nd)
227.7% (1st)26.4% (1st)25.1% (1st)
201May 23, 202127.6% (2nd)25.9% (2nd)25.0% (2nd)
230.9% (1st)29.1% (1st)28.6%(1st)
211May 29, 202125.0% (2nd)24.5% (2nd)20.8% (2nd)
228.8% (1st)28.0% (1st)25.1% (1st)
221May 30, 202127.5% (2nd)26.4% (2nd)24.5% (2nd)
230.5% (1st)29.0% (1st)28.4% (1st)
231June 5, 202121.5% (2nd)20.5% (2nd)
226.7% (1st)25.7% (1st)
241June 6, 202126.5% (2nd)24.7% (2nd)22.1% (1st)
230.4% (1st)28.7% (1st)26.6% (1st)
251June 12, 202123.2% (2nd)21.3% (2nd)19.3% (2nd)
228.9% (1st)26.6% (1st)25.2% (1st)
261June 13, 202128.4% (2nd)27.1% (2nd)24.9% (2nd)
231.5% (1st)30.3% (1st)28.1% (1st)
271June 19, 202123.4% (2nd)21.9% (2nd)
228.6% (1st)26.8% (1st)
281June 20, 202129.0% (2nd)27.6% (2nd)22.7% (2nd)
231.5% (1st)29.3% (1st)25.5% (1st)
291June 26, 202124.2% (2nd)22.7% (2nd)
229.5% (1st)27.6% (1st)
301June 27, 202129.6% (2nd)28.3% (2nd)24.5% (2nd)
232.5% (1st)30.7% (1st)27.2% (1st)
31July 3, 202127.9% (1st)26.9% (1st)
32July 4, 202131.9% (1st)31.6% (1st)27.0% (1st)
33July 10, 202127.0% (1st)25.9% (1st)
34July 11, 202130.3% (1st)29.1% (1st)26.7% (1st)
35July 17, 202127.5% (1st)26.0% (1st)
36July 18, 202130.1% (1st)28.6% (1st)26.9% (1st)
37July 25, 2021 [lower-alpha 2] 20.0%(1st)19.4% (1st)14.7%(1st)
38August 7, 2021 [lower-alpha 3] 24.3% (1st)23.7% (1st)19.6% (1st)
39August 8, 202130.4% (1st)29.6% (1st)24.3% (1st)
40August 14, 202128.2% (1st)27.2% (1st)23.6% (1st)
41August 15, 202130.1% (1st)28.4% (1st)26.6% (1st)
42August 21, 202129.8% (1st)28.8% (1st)26.0% (1st)
43August 22, 202131.0% (1st)29.9% (1st)26.5% (1st)
44August 28, 202128.9% (1st)28.1% (1st)23.6% (1st)
45August 29, 202132.5% (1st)31.6%(1st)27.6% (1st)
46September 4, 202128.6% (1st)27.2% (1st)25.2% (1st)
47September 5, 202131.4% (1st)29.8% (1st)27.0% (1st)
48September 11, 202129.1% (1st)27.4% (1st)24.5% (1st)
49September 12, 202132.6%(1st)31.1% (1st)28.2% (1st)
50September 18, 202128.9% (1st)27.9% (1st)24.9% (1st)
Special episodePart 1April 17, 202114.2% (2nd)13.0% (2nd)13.0% (2nd)
Part 213.1% (3rd)12.4% (3rd)11.3% (4th)
Special episode 2Part 1April 18, 202111.5% (4th)10.1% (6th)11.1% (4th)
Part 210.9% (6th)9.7% (7th)10.9% (5th)
  • In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • N/A denotes that the rating is not known.

Home media

The series was made available for streaming globally on Netflix from August 19, 2022. [43]

Awards and nominations

DateAward CeremonyCategoryRecipientResultRef.
21 October 202116th Seoul International Drama Awards Excellent Korean Drama OST Young Tak for "Okay" (오케이)Won [44]
December 31, 2021 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Yoon Joo-sang Won [45]
Kim Kyung-nam Nominated [46]
Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama Hong Eun-hee Won [45]
Jeon Hye-bin Nominated [46]
Best Supporting Actor Choi Dae-chul Won [45]
Top Excellence Award, Actor Yoon Joo-sang Nominated [47]
Top Excellence Award, Actress Hong Eun-hee Nominated [48]
Best Young ActressHong Je-yiNominated [49]
September 29, 2022 APAN Star Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Kim Kyung-nam Nominated [50]


  1. 1 2 The episodes on April 17 and April 18, 2021 were not aired due to self-quarantine of cast member who came in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case. A special episode containing the story up to episode 20 was telecast on these dates. [40]
  2. The episodes of the series will not be aired twice on Saturday, the 24th and 31st. These will be aired on Sunday, the 25th after the 2020 Summer Olympics broadcast ends at 22.00 KST. [41]
  3. The broadcast, which was cancelled due to 2020 Summer Olympics, is resuming on August 7. [42]

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