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Reymersholms IK
Club crest for Swedish football club Reymersholms IK.png
Full nameReymersholms Idrottsklubb
Ground Zinkensdamms IP
ChairmanHans Förnestig
CoachTom Efraimsson & Carl-Michael Hermansson
League Division 3 Södra Svealand
Website Club website

Reymersholms IK is a sports club located in Stockholm and was founded on 1 September 1899. [1] From the 1920s to the 1940s the club was successful in bandy, football and ice hockey. Today football is the only sport in the club. The club is affiliated to Stockholms Fotbollförbund which is a district organisation of the Swedish Football Association. [2]


The men's team plays in Division 3 Södra Svealand which is the 5 tier of Swedish football. [3] The women's team plays in the Women's Division 4.

The club's home matches are played at the home ground Zinkensdamms IP.


The men's football team played one season at the highest national level in the Allsvenskan in 1941–42 and over the period 1924–25 until 1949–50 played 19 seasons in Division 2 which at that time was the second tier of Swedish football. The men's bandy team played nine seasons at the highest national level, the first season in 1935–36 and the last in 1947–48. The men's ice hockey team played in the top Swedish division in the 1930s and 1940s.

Season to season

During their most successful period Reymersholms IK's men's team competed in the following divisions:

1924–25 Tier 2Division 2Östsvenska4th
1925–26 Tier 2Division 2Östsvenska7th
1926–27 Tier 2Division 2Östsvenska8th
1927–28 Tier 2Division 2Östsvenska6thRelegated
1928–29 Tier 3Division 3Östsvenska3rd
1929–30 Tier 3Division 3Östsvenska2nd
1930–31 Tier 3Division 3Östsvenska4th
1931–32 Tier 3Division 3Östsvenska2ndPromoted
1932–33 Tier 2Division 2Östra7th
1933–34 Tier 2Division 2Östra10thRelegated
1934–35 Tier 3Division 3Östsvenska2nd
1935–36 Tier 3Division 3Östsvenska1stPromoted
1936–37 Tier 2Division 2Östra5th
1937–38 Tier 2Division 2Norra6th
1938–39 Tier 2Division 2Norra5th
1939–40 Tier 2Division 2Norra1stPromotion Playoffs
1940–41 Tier 2Division 2Norra1stPromotion Playoffs – Promoted
1941–42 Tier 1 Allsvenskan 12thRelegated
1942–43 Tier 2Division 2Norra5th
1943–44 Tier 2Division 2Norra4th
1944–45 Tier 2Division 2Norra3rd
1945–46 Tier 2Division 2Östra6th
1946–47 Tier 2Division 2Östra5th
1947–48 Tier 2Division 2Nordöstra5th
1948–49 Tier 2Division 2Nordöstra8th
1949–50 Tier 2Division 2Nordöstra10thRelegated
1950–51 Tier 3Division 3Östra10thRelegated
1951–52 Tier 4Division 4??
1952–53 Tier 4Division 4??Promoted
1953–54 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand8thRelegated
1954–55 Tier 4Division 4?1stPromoted
1955–56 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand9thRelegated
1956–57 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra6th
1957–58 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra9thRelegated
1959 Tier 5Division 5??
1960 Tier 5Division 5?1stPromoted
1961 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra1stPromoted
1962 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand9th
1963 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand10thRelegated
1964 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra2nd
1965 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra2nd
1966 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra1stPromoted
1967 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand10thRelegated
1968 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra2nd
1969 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra4th
1970 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra3rd
1971 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra3rd
1972 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Norra2nd
1973 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Norra4th
1974 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra6th
1975 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Södra1st
1976 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand9th
1977 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand5th
1978 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand9th
1979 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand7th
1980 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand4th
1981 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand2nd
1982 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand9th
1983 Tier 3Division 3Östra Svealand11thRelegated
1984 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Norra3rd
1985 Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Norra8th

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In recent seasons Reymersholms IK have competed in the following divisions:

1998Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Mellersta6th
1999Tier 4Division 4Stockholm Mellersta8th
2000Tier 5Division 4Stockholm Mellersta9th
2001Tier 5Division 4Stockholm Mellersta2nd
2002Tier 5Division 4Stockholm Mellersta4th
2003Tier 5Division 4Stockholm Mellersta8th
2004Tier 5Division 4Stockholm Mellersta1stPromoted
2005Tier 4Division 3Östra Svealand7th
2006*Tier 5Division 3Östra Svealand11thRelegated
2007Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta3rd
2008Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta4th
2009Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta6th
2010Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta9th
2011Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta7th
2012Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta5th
2013Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta12thRelegated
2014Tier 7Division 5Stockholm Mellersta7th
2015Tier 7Division 5Stockholm Mellersta2ndPromoted
2016Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta9th
2017Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta3rd
2018Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta3rd
2019Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta3rd
2020Tier 6Division 4Stockholm Mellersta1stPromoted
2021Tier 5Division 3Södra Svealand

* League restructuring in 2006 resulted in a new division being created at Tier 3 and subsequent divisions dropping a level. [6] [7] [8]


In recent seasons Reymersholms IK have had the following average attendances:

SeasonAverage AttendanceDivision / SectionLevel
201347Div 4 Stockholm MellerstaTier 6
201443Div 5 Stockholm MellerstaTier 7
201542Div 5 Stockholm MellerstaTier 7
201650Div 4 Stockholm MellerstaTier 6
201738Div 4 Stockholm MellerstaTier 6
2018Not AvailableDiv 4 Stockholm MellerstaTier 6
2019?Div 4 Stockholm MellerstaTier 6
2020?Div 4 Stockholm MellerstaTier 6
2021Div 4 Stockholm MellerstaTier 6

* Attendances are provided in the Publikliga sections of the Svenska Fotbollförbundet website. [9]


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