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Rhythm of the Wave (simplified Chinese :海韵; traditional Chinese :海韻; pinyin :hǎi yùn) is a Taiwanese film spoken in Mandarin, first released in 1974 by Cine Art Film Company (文藝影業公司).



Hai yun (海韻) is a soundtrack album, released in 1974 by Lee Fung Records (丽风唱片). Unless otherwise, tracks are sung in the film by Teresa Teng, music was arranged by Lin Chia-ching (林家慶), lyrics were written by Chuang Nu (莊奴), and songs were composed by Ku Yue (古月).

Side A
  1. "Hai yun" (海韻) – main theme
    Re-recorded by Polydor Records for the 1977 compilation Greatest Hits by Teresa Teng
  2. "Remember You, Remember Me" (記得你記得我 "Jide ni jide wo") – sub-theme
  3. "Hey! I Tell You" (嗨! 我告訴你 "Hai! Wo gaosu ni") – sub-theme
  4. "Warmth" (溫暖 "Wennuan"), sung by Yuanye Sanchong Chang (原野三重唱)
    sub-theme of the 1974 film Where the Seagull Flies (海鷗飛處)
  5. "First Love (keyboard instrumental)" (初戀 電子琴演奏 "Chulian–dianziqin yanzou")
Side B
  1. "Hey! I Tell You" (嗨! 我告訴你 "Hai! Wo gaosu ni") – sub-theme, rendered by Wan Sha-lang (萬沙浪)
  2. "Three Dreams" (三個夢 "San ge meng") – sub-theme
  3. "First Love" (初戀) – sub-theme, sung by Yuanye Sanchong Chang (原野三重唱)
  4. "Cherish the Flowers" (愛惜花) – sub-theme
  5. "Hai yun (violin instrumental)" (海韻 小提琴演奏 "Hai yun–xiaotiqin yanzou")

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