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Auckland Weekly News 30 October 1919
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Auckland Weekly News 30 October 1919
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19191030-39-20
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Richard Francis Bollard (23 May 1863 – 25 August 1927) was a farmer [1] and New Zealand politician of the Reform Party. He represented the Raglan electorate from 1911 to 1927, when he died. [2] As Minister of Internal Affairs, he was a cabinet minister from 1923 [3] to 1927 in the Reform Government. [4]

He was reported making speeches [5] and opening events and buildings; in 1912 farewelling the local publican, [6] in 1914 opening Matangi post office, [7] in 1915 opening the Winter Show of the Raglan A. and P. Association [8] and opening Whatawhata post office. [9] As Minister for Internal Affairs he opened Te Uku post office [10] and Te Hutewai School in 1924, [11] Raglan footbridge in 1926 [12] and in 1924 was reported as making three calls one day and two the next, in between catching the train from Auckland to Wellington. [13]

Bollard was the eldest son of John Bollard, also a Member of Parliament. [14]


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