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Richard Jenkyns (1782 – 16 March 1854) was a British academic administrator at the University of Oxford and Dean at Wells Cathedral. [1]



Jenkyns was born at Evercreech in Somerset, where he was baptised on 21 December 1782. He was the eldest son of John Jenkyns (1753-1824), prebendary of Wells, and his wife Jane, née Banister. [2] He was appointed a Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford in 1802, a Tutor in 1813, Bursar in 1814, and Master from 23 April 1819 until his death in 1854. [3] He was awarded a Master of Arts in 1806 and a Doctor of Divinity in 1819. While Master at Balliol College, Jenkyns was also Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University from 1824 until 1828. [4] He introduced open competition for scholarships and also raised the standard of Balliol College to the first rank at Oxford. [1] From 1845 to 1854, Jenkyns was also Dean of Wells.

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