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Rick Vallin
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Eric Efron

(1919-09-24)September 24, 1919
DiedAugust 31, 1977(1977-08-31) (aged 57)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Resting place Eden Memorial Park Cemetery in Mission Hills, California
Years active1938-1966

Rick Vallin (born Eric Efron, September 24, 1919 – August 31, 1977) was an actor who appeared in more than 150 films between 1938 and 1966.


Early years

Born in Russia, Vallin came to America while still young with his South American mother, Mrs. Nardine Thomes, on the S/S Muskegon, which arrived at the Port of Boston on May 6, 1922.

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In 1940, Vallin (billed as Eric Efron) acted on stage with the Hollytown Theater. [1]

Vallin started his Hollywood career with an uncredited part in the film Freshman Year. [2] He later joined the Pasadena Playhouse in 1942, and the same year received his first co-star billing in the film The Panther's Claw together with Sidney Blackmer, [3] and showed promising leading man material in Secrets of a Co-Ed with Otto Kruger. [4] But what was seeming to be a career pointed to stardom, turned later into secondary roles in several B-movies and cliffhanger serials. For the most part, Vallin interpreted the hero's dullish sidekick, a secondary villain, or a prominent ethnic figure. In the minds of studio filmmakers, he had a tight B-movie image and found any advance to the "A" ranks almost impossible.[ citation needed ]

Pasadena Playhouse theater in Pasadena, California, United States

The Pasadena Playhouse is a historic performing arts venue located 39 S. El Molino Avenue in Pasadena, California, United States. The 686-seat auditorium produces a variety of cultural and artistic events, professional shows, and community engagements each year.

Sidney Blackmer American actor

Sidney Alderman Blackmer was an American actor who appeared in dozens of movies between 1914 and 1971, usually in major supporting roles. He was also a major Broadway performer.

Otto Kruger American actor

Otto Kruger was an American actor, originally a Broadway matinee idol, who established a niche as a charming villain in films, such as Hitchcock's Saboteur. He also appeared in CBS's Perry Mason and other TV series. He was the grandnephew of South African president Paul Kruger.

By the mid-1940s, Vallin had moved considerably down the credits list, until he became a mainstay in the Columbia Pictures serials and appeared in a few of the Bowery Boys 1940s capers. His successful union with Columbia also kept him active in minor roles in three Johnny Weissmuller's Jungle Jim movies, playing both sinister villains and savage natives.

Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. is an American film studio, production company and film distributor that is a member of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, a division of Sony Entertainment's Sony Pictures subsidiary of the Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony Corporation.

The Bowery Boys are fictional New York City characters, portrayed by a company of New York actors, who were the subject of feature films released by Monogram Pictures from 1946 through 1958.

Johnny Weissmuller American swimmer and actor

Johnny Weissmuller was an Austro-Hungarian-born American competition swimmer and actor, best known for playing Edgar Rice Burroughs's ape man Tarzan in films of the 1930s and 1940s and for having one of the best competitive swimming records of the 20th century.

Occasionally he showed up in such television series as Brave Eagle , Sheriff of Cochise , Bat Masterson , Jefferson Drum , The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok , The Lone Ranger and Wyatt Earp . He was also cast on The Adventures of Superman , as well in both The Gene Autry Show and The Roy Rogers Show . His last appearance was a guest role on Daniel Boone in 1966.

Brave Eagle is a 26-episode half-hour western television series which aired on CBS from September 28, 1955, to March 14, 1956, with rebroadcasts continuing until June 6. Keith Larsen, who was of Norwegian descent, starred as Brave Eagle, a peaceful young Cheyenne chief.

<i>Sheriff of Cochise</i> television series

Sheriff of Cochise is a Western-themed crime drama set in Cochise County, Arizona.

<i>Bat Masterson</i> (TV series) television series

Bat Masterson is an American Western television series which showed a fictionalized account of the life of real-life marshal/gambler/dandy Bat Masterson. The title character was played by Gene Barry and the half-hour black-and-white shows ran on NBC from 1958 to 1961. The series was produced by Ziv Television Productions. Bat is a nickname for Masterson's first name, Bartholemew.


Vallin died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 57. He is interred at Eden Memorial Park in Mission Hills, California.

Eden Memorial Park Cemetery is a Jewish cemetery located at 11500 Sepulveda Boulevard, Mission Hills, California, in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Many Jews from the entertainment industry are buried here.

Mission Hills, California CDP in California, United States

Mission Hills is a census-designated place (CDP) in Santa Barbara County, California, a short distance north of Lompoc on Highway 1. The population was 3,576 at the 2010 census, up from 3,142 at the 2000 census.

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