Roadshow Entertainment

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Roadshow Entertainment
Industry Film distribution
Founded1982;39 years ago (1982)
Area served
New Zealand
Products Home video
Owner Village Roadshow
Divisions Roadshow Films

Roadshow Entertainment (formerly Roadshow Home Video) is a division of the Australian media company Village Roadshow (formerly Roadshow Home Video and Roadshow Entertainment) that distributes films in Australia and New Zealand. Their first release was Mad Max . Roadshow Entertainment is an independent video distributor in Australia and New Zealand.



In 1982, Village Roadshow Entertainment was founded as Roadshow Home Video. Their first batch of movie titles, released on both VHS and Betamax format, were:

1983: Palace Films was started as a home video distributor between Roadshow, Blake Films and private investor Antony Veccola.

In 1985, Roadshow Home Video became Village Roadshow Home Video and Premiere Home Entertainment was established. Veccola bought out the other company's stock of Palace and it ventured out into the film distribution business and opened a small number of art-house cinemas around Australia's main cities and became an independent company. Its home video release were still handled by Village Roadshow until the late 1990s.

1990: Applause Home Video and Video Selection Australia were established as a Village Roadshow label.

1993: Village Roadshow Home Video becomes Village Roadshow Entertainment.

Late 1990s: Palace home video distribution with Roadshow has been expired.

In 1999, Roadshow started releasing DVDs.

In 2008, Roadshow started releasing Blu-rays.

In September 2020, Warner Bros. announced that its distribution deal with Village Roadshow would expire at the end of 2020. The two studios' partnership had lasted for more than four decades. Since 2021, WB's films are released by Universal Pictures International. [1]

Roadshow and Village Roadshow subsidiaries and divisions

Labels distributed, duplicated and re-supplied

Roadshow Entertainment has its own label named Roadshow Films, which is in turn the theatrical distribution unit of Village Roadshow. On 16 December 2014, Roadshow Films acquired a 33% stake in American film production and international sales company FilmNation Entertainment. [3] However, as of 2017, Roadshow Films' stake has since reduced to 31%.


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