Robert Bennett (Melbourne mayor)

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Robert Bennett
17th Mayor of Melbourne
In office
Preceded by John Thomas Smith
Succeeded by Edward Cohen
Personal details
Born(1822-01-21)21 January 1822
Ireland, United Kingdom
Died Melbourne, Australia
Nationality Australian

Robert Bennett (21 January 1822 – 18 January 1891) [1] was a politician and Mayor of Melbourne, Australia between 1861 and 1862.

Bennett was born in Tanderagee, County Armagh, Ireland, and arrived in the Port Phillip District in January 1842. [1] In November 1856 he was elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly for East Bourke, holding the seat until June 1857. He held the same seat again from October 1859 to August 1864. [1]

Bennett died in Northcote, Victoria on 18 January 1891. [1]

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Victorian Legislative Assembly
New district Member for East Bourke
November 1856 – June 1857
Succeeded by
Augustus Greeves
Preceded by
Augustus Greeves
Richard Heales
Member for East Bourke
October 1859 – August 1864
Succeeded by
Joshua Cowell
Political offices
Preceded by
John Smith
Mayor of Melbourne
Succeeded by
Edward Cohen