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Robert Dinesen
Portrait of Robert Dinesen (1904 or 07) by Gustav Borgen. NFB.25993.jpg
Robert Dinesen portrait by Gustav Borgen during one of his stays in Kristiania, Norway.
Robert Theodor Louis Camillo Dinesen

(1874-10-23)23 October 1874
Died8 March 1972(1972-03-08) (aged 97)
Nationality Danish
Occupation(s)Actor, Director
Years active1910-1929 (film)

Robert Theodor Camillo Dinesen (23 October 1874 – 8 March 1972) was a Danish film actor and director. [1] He was first married to actress Laura Johanne Winter (1882-1930) and secondly to Christine Marie Christensen (1877-1935). He is buried with his third wife, German actress Margarete Schön, at the Friedhof Heerstraße cemetery in Berlin-Westend. [2]


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