Robert IV, Count of Dreux

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Robert IV, Count of Dreux
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Seal of Robert IV of Dreux
Noble family House of Dreux
Spouse(s) Beatrice de Montfort
Marie of Dreux
Yolande of Dreux, Queen of Scotland
John II of Dreux, Count of Dreux and Braine
Jeanne of Dreux, Countess of Braine
Beatrice of Dreux, Abbess of Pont-Royal
Robert of Dreux, Seigneur of Chateau-du-Loire
Father John I of Dreux
MotherMarie of Bourbon

Robert IV of Dreux (1241–1282), Count of Dreux, Braine and Montfort-l'Amaury, was the son of John I of Dreux [1] and Marie of Bourbon. [2]


Robert fought with Philip III of France in 1272 in his expedition to the Languedoc and was present at the capture of Foix.

In 1260 he married Beatrice de Montfort, Countess of Montfort-l'Amaury [3] daughter of Jean I de Montfort and Jeanne, Dame de Chateaudun, and granddaughter of Amaury de Montfort. Their son John succeeded his father while their eldest daughter Yolande (1263–1322) married Alexander III, King of Scots, and later Arthur II, Duke of Brittany. [4]

List of children

  1. Marie de Dreux (1261–1276), married in 1273 Mathieu IV de Montmorency [5]
  2. Yolande of Dreux, Countess de Montfort (1263–1323), married firstly on 15 October 1285 King Alexander III of Scotland, and secondly in 1292 Arthur II, Duke of Brittany. [6]
  3. John II of Dreux (1265–1309), married firstly Jeanne de Beaujeu, Dame de Montpensier (died 1308), in 1308 he married secondly Perrenelle de Sully
  4. Jeanne, Countess de Braine, married firstly Count Jean IV de Roucy, [5] and secondly John of Bar
  5. Beatrice de Dreux (1270–1328), Abbess of Pont-Royal
  6. Robert de Dreux, seigneur de Cateau-du-Loire

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Odo of Burgundy, in French Eudes de Bourgogne, was the Count of Nevers and Auxerre and son of Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy and Yolande of Dreux.

Robert II, Duke of Burgundy Duke of Burgundy

Robert II of Burgundy was Duke of Burgundy between 1272 and 1306 as well as titular King of Thessalonica. Robert was the third son of duke Hugh IV and Yolande of Dreux.

Arthur II, Duke of Brittany

Arthur II, of the House of Dreux, was Duke of Brittany from 1305 to his death. He was the first son of John II and Beatrice, daughter of Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence.

Edward I, was the Count of Bar from 1302 to his death. He was a minor when he succeeded his father Henry III as count, so ruled initially under the regency of his uncles, John of Puisaye, Theobald, Bishop of Liège, and Renaud, Bishop of Metz.

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Yolande of Dreux was a sovereign Countess of Montfort from 1311 until 1322. Through her first marriage to Alexander III of Scotland, Yolande became Queen consort of the Kingdom of Scotland. Through her second marriage to Arthur II, Duke of Brittany, she became Duchess Consort of Brittany.

Robert II, Count of Dreux Count of Dreux and Braine

Robert II of Dreux, Count of Dreux and Braine, was the eldest surviving son of Robert I, Count of Dreux, and Agnes de Baudemont, countess of Braine, and a grandson of King Louis VI of France.

Robert III, Count of Dreux

Robert III of Dreux (1185–1234), Count of Dreux and Braine, was the son of Robert II, Count of Dreux, and Yolanda de Coucy. He was given the byname Gasteblé when he destroyed a field of wheat while hunting in his youth.

John I of Dreux (1215–1249), Count of Dreux and Braine, was the son of Robert III of Dreux and Annora (Aenor) of Saint-Valéry.

John II of Dreux (1265–1309), called John the Good, Count of Dreux and Braine, was the son of Robert IV of Dreux and Beatrice, Countess of Montfort.

Archambaud IX of Bourbon, called "Le Jeune", was a ruler (sire) of Bourbonnais in the modern region of Auvergne, France.

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John I de Montfort, Count of Montfort from 1241 to 1249, son of Amaury de Montfort, count of Montfort, and of Béatrice of Burgundy. In 1248 he joined Louis IX's crusader fleet. Once the fleet arrived at Limassol, it was scattered by fierce storms and was forced to wait there to regroup. John died of sickness, while awaiting the rest of Louis's forces in Cyprus.

Yolande of Dreux (1212–1248) was Duchess of Burgundy as the first wife of Hugh IV of Burgundy.

Theobald II, Count of Bar

Theobald II was a count of Bar. He was the son of Henry II of Bar and Philippa of Dreux. He became count of Bar when his father was killed during the Barons' Crusade in 1239, but news of Henry's death did not reach him until 1240. As Theobald was still a minor, his mother ruled as regent until 17 March 1242. Theobald's own children included his successor Henry III and the bishop Reginald of Bar.

Henry IV of Bar was count of Bar from 1336 to 1344. His aunt, Joan of Bar, Countess of Surrey, governed Bar in his name during his minority. He was the son of Edward I of Bar and his wife Marie of Burgundy. He married Yolande of Dampierre, a granddaughter of Robert III, Count of Flanders.

Jeanne, Dame de Chateaudun was a French heiress and the wife of two French noblemen: Jean I de Montfort and Jean de Brienne, Grand Butler of France.

Beatrice, Countess of Montfort

Beatrice de Montfort, Countess of Montfort-l'Amaury was a ruling sovereign countess of Montfort from 1249 until 1312. She was also countess of Dreux by marriage to Robert IV of Dreux, Count of Dreux. She was the ancestor of the Dukes of Brittany from the House of Montfort-Dreux which derived its name from her title.

Jeanne de Fougères, Countess of La Marche and of Angoulême

Jeanne de Fougères, was ruling suo jure Lady of Fougères from 1256. She was the wife of Hugh XII of Lusignan, Count of La Marche and Count of Angoulême. Jeanne was responsible for the later additions and fortifications of the Chateau of Fougères which provided a greater stability for the town.

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Raoul II of Clermont

Raoul II/III of Clermont-Nesle was Seigneur (Lord) of Nesle in Picardy (de), Viscount of Châteaudun (de), Grand Chamberlain of France and Constable of France.


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Robert IV, Count of Dreux
Born: 1241 Died: 1282
Preceded by Count of Dreux
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