Robert Land

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Robert Land (1887–1940) was an Moravian film director.


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Robert Land

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Jacek Rotmil (1888–1944) was a Russian-born art director and production designer who worked on 100 films during his career Following the First World War, Rotmil entered the booming German film industry and worked prolifically until 1933. Following the Nazi rise to power, Rotmil went into exile in Poland where he was employed frequently on Polish and Yiddish productions. He had first become involved in the Polish film industry in 1930 when working on the sound version of the Polish film Exile to Siberia in Berlin.

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Walter Wassermann was a German screenwriter. He also directed one film and acted in seven during the silent era. Wassermann was not of Jewish descent. Sigbert S. Prawer got him mixed up with the czech Writer Václav Wasserman whose "German" name was Wenzel

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