Robert Louis Dressler

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Robert (Louis) Dressler (born 1927, died October 15, 2019, in Paraíso, Costa Rica) was an American botanist specialist of the taxonomy of the Orchidaceae. [1]

He graduated from the University of Southern California and Harvard University. [2]

In 1977, botanist Hans Wiehler published Reldia , which is a genus of plants from South America in the family Gesneriaceae, with the name honouring Robert Louis Dressler. [3]

The standard author abbreviation Dressler is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name. [4]

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  1. Ixyophora aurantiaca(Senghas & G.Gerlach) Dressler - Peru
  2. Ixyophora carinata(P.Ortiz) Dressler - Colombia
  3. Ixyophora fosterae(Dodson) P.A.Harding - Bolivia
  4. Ixyophora luerorum(R.Vásquez & Dodson) P.A.Harding - Bolivia
  5. Ixyophora viridisepala(Senghas) Dressler - Ecuador

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  1. Palmorchis caxiuanensisRocha, S.S.Almeida & Freitas - Pará
  2. Palmorchis colombianaGaray - Colombia
  3. Palmorchis deceptoriusVeyret & Szlach. - Colombia
  4. Palmorchis duckeiHoehne - Brazil
  5. Palmorchis eidaeDressler - Costa Rica
  6. Palmorchis guianensis(Schltr.) C.Schweinf. & Correll - Brazil, Venezuela, the Guianas
  7. Palmorchis imuyaensisDodson & G.A.Romero - Ecuador
  8. Palmorchis lobulata(Mansf.) C.Schweinf. & Correll - French Guiana, Ecuador, Peru
  9. Palmorchis nitidaDressler - Costa Rica, Panama
  10. Palmorchis pabstiiVeyret - French Guiana
  11. Palmorchis paludicolaDressler - Costa Rica
  12. Palmorchis pandurataC.Schweinf. & Correll - Ecuador
  13. Palmorchis powellii(Ames) C.Schweinf. & Correll - Costa Rica, Panama
  14. Palmorchis prospectorumVeyret - French Guiana, Suriname
  15. Palmorchis puber(Cogn.) Garay - Brazil, Venezuela
  16. Palmorchis pubescentisBarb.Rodr. - French Guiana, Suriname, Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad
  17. Palmorchis silvicolaL.O.Williams - Costa Rica, Ecuador
  18. Palmorchis sobralioidesBarb.Rodr. - Ecuador, Brazil
  19. Palmorchis sordidaDressler - Costa Rica
  20. Palmorchis trilobulataL.O.Williams - Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Suriname, Ecuador
  21. Palmorchis trinotataDressler - Panama
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Mildred Esther Mathias was an American botanist and professor.

Dora Emilia Mora de Retana Costa Rican botanist

Dora Emilia Mora de Retana was a noted Costa Rican botanist, known primarily for her work with orchids. She compiled an extensive catalogue of the variations of the flower found in Costa Rica which became the seminal reference work on the family Orchidaceae in the country for over a decade. There are at least five species of orchids named in her honor and in 2011, a plaque bearing her name was installed at the Lankester Botanical Garden to recognize her contributions to its development.

Rufodorsia is a genus of epiphytic flowering plants in the family Gesneriaceae. The genus name refers to the reddish back of the upper lobes of the flower. The relationship of Rufodorsia with the genus Oerstedina is uncertain, as of April 2021. It is native to montane cloud forest in Central America.

Oerstedina is a genus of epiphytic flowering plants in the family Gesneriaceae, native to Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. The relationship of Oerstedina to the genus Rufodorsia is uncertain, as of April 2021.

Neomortonia is a monotypic genus of flowering plants belonging to the family Gesneriaceae. It just contains one species, Neomortonia roseaWiehler

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