Robin DR.200

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Robin DR.200
DR.221 Dauphin
RoleFour-seat light aircraft
Manufacturer Avions Pierre Robin
First flight1964 (DR.200)
Number built348
Variants Robin DR300

The Robin DR.200 is a family of French conventional landing gear single-engined light touring or training cabin monoplanes. Originally produced by Centre Est Aéronautique the company later changed its name to Avions Pierre Robin.



Originally flown as the DR.200 which was a variant of the earlier DR.1050M1 with a strengthened wing and longer fuselage. The production version was the DR.250 Capitaine a four-seater with a 160 hp Lycoming O-320 engine and all-flying tailplane. The DR.250 first flew in 1965. The next development was a two-seat variant with a shorter fuselage the DR.220 2+2, it was powered by a 105 hp Continental O-200-A engine. The DR.221 Dauphin introduced a bigger 115 hp Lycoming O-235C engine. Then the DR.253 Regent was first flown in 1967, introducing a tricycle landing gear which was to become standard on all the following Robin designs.


A DR 253 Regent with tricycle landing gear Robin DR 253 Regent (F-GTME) 02.jpg
A DR 253 Régent with tricycle landing gear
Prototype four-seat development of the DR.1050M1 with a Potez 105E engine, two built. [1]
DR.220 2+2
Shorter fuselage two-seat variant although it did have a small rear seat, powered by a 105hp Continental O-200-A engine, 83 built. [1]
DR.221 Dauphin
A DR.200 with four seats and powered by a 115hp Lycoming O-235C engine, 62 built. [1]
DR.250 Capitaine
A DR.200 with all-flying tailplane and powered by a 160hp Lycoming O-320-E engine, 100 built. [1]
Experimental DR.250 with a 180hp Lycoming O-360-A engine, one built. [1]
DR.253 Regent
A DR.250 with enlarged fuselage and tricycle landing gear, powered by a Lycoming O-360-D2A engine, 100 built. [1]

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