Robin Morton (musician)

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Robin Morton
Origin County Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Genres Folk music, Celtic music
Years active1967–1979
Labels Temple Records
Associated acts Boys of the Lough

Robin Morton is an Irish folk musician who founded the folk band Boys of the Lough in 1967 along with Tommy Gunn and Cathal McConnell. Robin left the band 1979 after setting up a folk label called Temple Records. [1]


Morton was born in County Armagh, Northern Ireland and moved to Scotland to study a PhD (lapsed) at the University of Edinburgh. In 1980 he became manager of the Scottish folk group Battlefield Band and continues to manage and release material by the band to this day.

Morton set up Temple US Records in the 1980s, and the publishing company Kinmor Publishing which produces music, and publishes books and sheet music.

The folk music magazine The Living Tradition covered Robin Morton's life in their 66th issue, in an 11-page special published in 2006. [2]


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Temple Records is a record label founded in 1978 by Robin Morton, previously a member of The Boys of the Lough.

During the 1980s, Scottish music featured post-punk bands exemplified by Simple Minds and Josef K, and bands like Runrig that remained closer to the Scottish dance music tradition. Folk rock or Celtic rock bands launched in the 1980s included The Waterboys and The Proclaimers. Among the folk singers of the time were Dick Gaughan and Bill Drummond, and Ewan MacColl who died in 1989.

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Temple US Records is a record label founded in the late 1970s by Robin Morton. Morton, a former member of The Boys of the Lough, had already founded Temple in Temple. Midlothian; Temple US is based in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Michael John (Mick) Hoy, singer, fiddler, composer, and storyteller, was born in Monea in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. In his youth he was hired at the Derrygonnelly Fair by a farmer who played the fiddle. It was from this farmer that he learned to play the instrument. He played in the 1930s and 1940s with local Céilí bands, the Sillees and the Knockmore Céilí Band. He lived most of his life in Blaney and played mainly in Derrygonnelly. Mick came from a musical family but stood out as the main talent with his huge repertoire of tunes and songs.

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<i>Home Is Where the Van Is</i> 1980 studio album by The Battlefield Band

Home Is Where the Van Is, an album by The Battlefield Band, was released in 1980 on the Temple Records label. The album, the band's U.S. debut, "continued the Scottish group's affinity for blending modern instrumentation into the country's folk tradition." Several songs from the album notably featured band member Ged Foley on the Northumbrian smallpipes.

Joe Corrie (1894–1968) was a Scottish miner, poet and playwright best known for his radical, working class plays.

<i>The Boys of the Lough</i> (album) 1973 studio album by The Boys of the Lough

The Boys of the Lough is a folk album by The Boys of the Lough, originally released in 1973 by Trailer, catalogue number LER 2086.

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Philo Records was founded in 1973 by half-brothers Michael Couture and Bill Schubart to record and distribute folk and traditional music. Over the course of its nine-year history, before its sale to Rounder Records in 1982, Philo produced roughly 100 albums of folk, traditional, and later, jazz, world, and new music from a converted barn-studio in North Ferrisburg, Vermont. Philo's allure to many established and emerging artists was its policy of giving them full control over their productions and repertoire.

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Beg & Borrow is the thirty-second album by Battlefield Band and their twenty-fourth studio album, released on the Temple Records label as a digital download on 21 August 2015 and on CD in the UK on 18 September 2015 and in the United States on 16 October 2015.

Cathal McConnell is a musician and singer best known as the mainstay of traditional band The Boys of the Lough, of which he was a founder member.

<i>Handful of Earth</i> 1981 studio album by Dick Gaughan

Handful of Earth is the fifth solo studio album by Scottish folk musician and singer Dick Gaughan, released in 1981 by Topic Records. The album was Gaughan's first after spending several years largely avoiding playing music while regaining his health following a mental breakdown in 1979. Containing an array of traditional and contemporary folk songs performed on guitar with open tunings, Handful of Earth was by far Gaughan's most political to that point, and was inspired by the political turmoil in Scotland following the Conservative Party victory at the 1979 general election.


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