Robin Renucci

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Robin Renucci
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Born (1956-07-11) 11 July 1956 (age 63)
Occupation  Actor
  Screen director
Years active1981–present

Robin Renucci (born 11 July 1956, in Le Creusot, Saône-et-Loire) [1] is a French film and television actor and film director.


Acting filmography

+ [(Credit Bonheur)] (1996) : Paul Choquet

Television-acting work

YearTitleGenreRoleProgram typeNotes
Since 2009 Un village français drama Daniel Larcher television series 1996Maigret in Finland drama Prof. Jean Duclos television series

Directing filmography

1998La femme d'un seul homme television film
2007Sempre vivu!

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