Rodrigo Netto

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Rodrigo Netto
Born(1977-05-05)5 May 1977
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Died4 June 2006(2006-06-04) (aged 29)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation(s)Musician, singer-songwriter
Associated acts Detonautas Roque Clube

Rodrigo da Silva Netto (Rio de Janeiro, 5 May 1977 – Rio de Janeiro, 4 June 2006), better known as Rodrigo Netto or Nettinho, was the rhythm guitarist of the Brazilian rock band Detonautas.



On the night of 4 June 2006, while returning from a party in Rio de Janeiro, Rodrigo was in his car with his brother and grandmother when four criminals in another car tried to intercept him. [1] Rodrigo accelerated and was consequently shot, hit in the armpit and chest and instantly killed. [1] At the time, the Detonautas were going to make live performances on June 5-7, but the shows were postponed. Some time later, Tchello, the bassist, tattooed on his back an image of Rodrigo's face as a way to honor his friend and Tico, the vocalist, tattooed Netto's signature on his rib.

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