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Roger Hanin
Roger Hanin Cannes.jpg
Roger Hanin at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival
Roger Paul Jacob Lévy [1]

(1925-10-20)20 October 1925
Died11 February 2015(2015-02-11) (aged 89)
OccupationActor, director
Spouse(s) Christine Gouze-Rénal

Roger Hanin (born Roger Levy, 20 October 1925 – 11 February 2015) was a French actor and film director, best known for playing the title role in the 1989–2006 TV police drama, Navarro .

Actor person who acts in a dramatic or comic production and works in film, television, theatre, or radio

An actor is a person who portrays a character in a performance. The actor performs "in the flesh" in the traditional medium of the theatre or in modern media such as film, radio, and television. The analogous Greek term is ὑποκριτής (hupokritḗs), literally "one who answers". The actor's interpretation of their role—the art of acting—pertains to the role played, whether based on a real person or fictional character. Interpretation occurs even when the actor is "playing themselves", as in some forms of experimental performance art.

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Roger Hanin was born in 1925 in Algiers, Algeria [2] [3] as Roger Lévy to Jewish parents. [4] His brother-in-law was François Mitterrand (the late former President of France), whose wife, the late Danielle, was the sister of Hanin's wife, Christine Gouze-Rénal.

Algiers City in Algiers Province, Algeria

Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria. In 2011, the city's population was estimated to be around 3,500,000. An estimate puts the population of the larger metropolitan city to be around 5,000,000. Algiers is located on the Mediterranean Sea and in the north-central portion of Algeria.

François Mitterrand 21st President of the French Republic

François Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand was a French statesman who served as President of France from 1981 to 1995, the longest time in office in French history. As First Secretary of the Socialist Party, he was the first left-wing politician to be elected President of France under the Fifth Republic.

President of France head of state of France

The President of the French Republic is the executive head of state of France in the French Fifth Republic. In French terms, the presidency is the supreme magistracy of the country.

With Claude Chabrol, Hanin co-wrote the scripts for a pair of spy films in the mid-1960s. Chabrol directed Code Name: Tiger (1964) and Our Agent Tiger (1965), both featuring Hanin in the starring role of secret agent Le Tigre.

Claude Chabrol French film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor

Claude Henri Jean Chabrol was a French film director and a member of the French New Wave group of filmmakers who first came to prominence at the end of the 1950s. Like his colleagues and contemporaries Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Éric Rohmer and Jacques Rivette, Chabrol was a critic for the influential film magazine Cahiers du cinéma before beginning his career as a film maker.

The spy film genre deals with the subject of fictional espionage, either in a realistic way or as a basis for fantasy. Many novels in the spy fiction genre have been adapted as films, including works by John Buchan, le Carré, Ian Fleming (Bond) and Len Deighton. It is a significant aspect of British cinema, with leading British directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Carol Reed making notable contributions and many films set in the British Secret Service.

<i>Le Tigre aime la chair fraiche</i> 1964 film by Claude Chabrol

Le Tigre aime la chair fraîche is a 1964 Eurospy film directed by Claude Chabrol and starring and written by Roger Hanin as the Tiger. The film was an attempt to create a French franchise equal to James Bond, and the film From Russia with Love is referenced within the film that features the film's female lead Daniela Bianchi. It also was the predecessor of Our Agent Tiger which got released in 1965.

Awards and honours

His 1985 film, Hell Train , was entered into the 14th Moscow International Film Festival where it won a Special Prize. [5] [6]

<i>Hell Train</i> (film) 1985 film by Roger Hanin

Hell Train is a 1985 French crime film directed by Roger Hanin. It was entered into the 14th Moscow International Film Festival where it won a Special Prize.

The 14th Moscow International Film Festival was held from 28 June to 12 July 1985. The Golden Prizes were awarded to the Soviet film Come and See directed by Elem Klimov, the American film A Soldier's Story directed by Norman Jewison and the Greek film The Descent of the Nine directed by Christos Siopahas.

In September 2000 he was awarded a place on the honourable list of the National Order of Merit of Algeria. He said: "I always refused decorations. This is the first time that I agree, but it's also the last because I want it to be unique. " [3] [7] [8]

National Order of Merit (Algeria)

The National Order of Merit which is awarded for all manner of services to the country. It was instituted 2 January 1984 and is quite complex, with three classes of 'Dignity' - each with collar, sash with badge and star - as well as Commander, Officer and Knight grades.



1952Le chemin de DamasUn discipleMax Glass
1953 La môme vert-de-gris a bodyguard Bernard Borderie
1954 Les Impures Le client de LiliPierre ChevalierUncredited
1955Série noireMénardPierre Foucaud
Gas-oilRené SchwobGilles Grangier
Les Hussards a soldier Alex Joffé Uncredited
Les salauds vont en enferUn mauvais garçonRobert HosseinUncredited
Vous pigez ?IstriaPierre Chevalier
1957 He Who Must Die Pannagotaros Jules Dassin
Escapade Olivier Ralph Habib
1958 Tamango First Mate Bebe John Berry
The Cat Pierre Henri Decoin
Be Beautiful But Shut Up Charlemagne Marc Allégret
Le désordre et la nuit Albert Simoni Gilles Grangier
Sunday Encounter Robert SartoriMarc Allégret
1959 Ramuntcho ItchoaPierre Schoendoerffer
La Valse du Gorille  [ fr ]Géo Paquet a.k.a. le Gorille Bernard Borderie
Du rififi chez les femmes Bug Alex Joffé
Le FricRobert BertinMaurice Cloche
The Verdict Antoine Castellani Jean Valère  [ fr ]
1960 Breathless Cal Zombach Jean-Luc Godard
L'Ennemi dans l'ombre  [ fr ]Serge Cazais Charles Gérard
Rocco and His Brothers Morini Luchino Visconti
L'Affaire d'une nuit  [ fr ]Michel Ferréol Henri Verneuil
1961Vive Henri IV, vive l'amourRavaillacClaude Autant-Lara
Le Miracle des loups Charles the Bold André Hunebelle
Les Bras de la nuit  [ fr ]Inspecteur LandaisJacques Guymont
1962 Les Ennemis  [ fr ]Capitaine Jean de Lursac Édouard Molinaro
Carillons sans joieMauriceCharles Brabant
Le Gorille a mordu l'archevêque  [ fr ]Géo Paquet a.k.a. le Gorille Maurice Labro
March on Rome Capitaine Paolinelli Dino Risi
1963 Portuguese Vacation Pierre KastUncredited
1964 Das Haus auf dem Hügel  [ de ]Ernest Charnot Werner Klingler
Le Tigre aime la chair fraiche Louis Rapière a.k.a. le Tigre Claude Chabrol
1965 Passeport diplomatique agent K 8 Mirmont Robert Vernay
Un mari à prix fixe Romain de Brétigny Claude de Givray
Code Name: Jaguar Bob Stuart Maurice Labro
Marie-Chantal contre le docteur Kha Bruno KerrienClaude Chabrol
Our Agent Tiger Louis Rapière a.k.a. le TigreClaude Chabrol
1966Via MacauMichelJean Leduc
Our Men in Bagdad Sadov Paolo Bianchini
The Brides of Fu Manchu Pierre Grimaldi Don Sharp
Four Queens for an Ace Dan Layton Jacques Poitrenaud
Le Solitaire passe à l'attaque  [ fr ]Frank Norman Ralph Habib
1967 Da Berlino l'Apocalisse Saint Dominique Mario Maffei
Le chacal traque les fillesFrançois Merlin, dit le ChacalJean-Michel Rankovitch
Le Canard en fer blanc  [ fr ]François Cartier Jacques Poitrenaud
1968 They Came to Rob Las Vegas the Boss Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi
1969 Bruno, l'enfant du dimanche  [ fr ]Michel Fauvel Louis Grospierre  [ fr ]
La Main'L'inspecteur / Le producteurHenri Glaeser
Plus jamais seulsStéphaneJean Delire
1970Le clair de terreM. Brumeu, le père de PierreGuy Gilles
Senza via d'uscitaKurtMichael Pressman
1971Une femme libreAndréClaude Pierson
Les Aveux les plus douxInspecteur BorelliÉdouard Molinaro
1972 The Revengers Quiberon Daniel Mann
1973La raison du plus fouLe patron de l'hôtelFrançois Reichenbach
Le conciergeBarbarin - un industrielJean Girault
Tony Arzenta Carré
1974Le ProtecteurJulien da CostaRoger Hanin
1975L'intrépideCanelloJean Girault
Le faux-culBelkacemRoger Hanin
1978The Pocket LoverBarbouze ministre 1Bernard Queysanne
Le Sucre Karbaoui Jacques Rouffio
1979 Le Coup de sirocco  [ fr ]Albert Narboni Alexandre Arcady
1980Certaines nouvellesGeorgesJacques Davila
1982 Le Grand Pardon  [ fr ]Raymond Bettoun Alexandre Arcady
Les Misérables the innkeeper Robert Hossein
La BarakaAimé PradoJean Valère
1983Attention, une femme peut en cacher une autre !PhilippeGeorges Lautner
Le Grand CarnavalLéon CastelliAlexandre Arcady
1985Hell TrainCommissaire CouturierRoger Hanin
1986La Galette du roiVictor HarrisJean-Michel Ribes
L'étincelleMauriceMichel Lang
1987Lévy et GoliathVoix de DieuGérard OuryUncredited
La rumbaBeppo ManzoniRoger Hanin
Dernier été à TangerWilliam Barrès, le maître de TangerAlexandre Arcady
1989L'Orchestre rougeBerzineJacques Rouffio
1990Jean Galmot, aventurierGeorges Picard, le gouverneurAlain Maline
1992 Day of Atonement Raymond Bettoun Alexandre Arcady
1993Le Nombril du mondeScaliAriel Zeitoun
1997SoleilProf. Meyer LévyRoger Hanin


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