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Roger Payne
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Main discipline Mountaineering
Other disciplines Climbing, alpinism
Born England
Notable ascents Lobuje

Roger Payne (16 July 1956 – 12 July 2012) was a British mountaineer. He was formerly general secretary of the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) and a qualified mountain guide from 1983, taking part in over 20 expeditions to the Karakoram and Himalayan ranges, including K2 and the north face of Changabang. He was an avalanche instructor and climbed in the Alps every year from 1977.


Roger Payne and David Callaway atop La Nonne in Chamonix Rogernonne.gif
Roger Payne and David Callaway atop La Nonne in Chamonix


Payne grew up in Hammersmith, London, and took an education degree in 1983 [1] at Sunderland Polytechnic where he was president of the mountaineering club. He then became a teacher and climbing instructor [2] and he later moved to Leysin, Switzerland. [3] [4]

Payne was president of the British Mountain Guides Association and, after his death, was given honorary membership of the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA) [5]


Payne was killed aged 55 with eight other climbers by an avalanche whilst traversing Mont Maudit, on the Mont Blanc massif, near Chamonix in the French Alps on 12 July 2012. [6]

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