Romanian Footballer of the Year (Gazeta Sporturilor)

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Romanian Footballer of the Year
Gheorghe Hagi.JPG
Gheorghe Hagi won the award a record of seven times.
Sport Association football
CompetitionAll levels of Romanian and international football
Local nameJucătorul român al anului / Trofeul Nicolae Dobrin  (Romanian)
Country Romania
Presented by Gazeta Sporturilor
First award1966
Most wins Gheorghe Hagi
7 times
Most recent Dennis Man
Website Official website

The Romanian Footballer of the Year (Romanian : Fotbalistul român al anului), also known as the Nicolae Dobrin Trophy (Romanian : Trofeul Nicolae Dobrin ), is an annual association football award given by the Gazeta Sporturilor newspaper to the Romanian player adjudged to have been the best during a calendar year. The current holder is Dennis Man, who won the award for his performances in 2020 representing FCSB. [1]


It has been presented since 1966 and is currently named after Nicolae Dobrin, the first recipient of the award and one of Romania's most notable footballers. [2] Gheorghe Hagi, the joint leading goalscorer of the national team alongside Adrian Mutu, has received the trophy a record of seven times. Other honours handed out by Gazeta Sporturilor include the Liga I Foreign Player of the Year and the Romania Coach of the Year awards.


YearWinnerRunner-upThird placeFourth placeFifth place
2020 [1] Dennis Man Ciprian Deac Nicolae Stanciu Ianis Hagi Alexandru Maxim
2019 [3] Andrei Radu George Pușcaș Nicolae Stanciu Alexandru Mitriță Ianis Hagi
Florinel Coman
2018 [4] George Țucudean Răzvan Marin Ianis Hagi Ciprian Tătărușanu Alexandru Mitriță
2017 [5] Constantin Budescu Ciprian Tătărușanu Florin Niță
Ștefan Radu
Alexandru Băluță
Cristian Săpunaru
2016 [6] Denis Alibec Nicolae Stanciu Răzvan Marin Claudiu Keșerü Florin Andone
2015 [7] Ciprian Tătărușanu Constantin Budescu Costel Pantilimon Ioan Hora Florin Andone
2014 [8] Lucian Sânmărtean Claudiu Keșerü Răzvan Raț Alexandru Chipciu Alexandru Maxim
2013 Vlad Chiricheș Alexandru Maxim Alexandru Bourceanu Ciprian Marica Daniel Pancu
2012 [9] Raul Rusescu Vlad Chiricheș Gabriel Torje Alexandru Bourceanu Răzvan Raț
2011 Gabriel Torje Lucian Sânmărtean Cristian Săpunaru Ionel Dănciulescu Ștefan Radu
2010 Cristian Chivu Bogdan Stancu Răzvan Raț Ștefan Radu Gabriel Tamaș
2009 Cristian Chivu Răzvan Raț Adrian Mutu Iulian Apostol Gigel Bucur
2008 Adrian Mutu Dorin Goian
Cristian Chivu
Bogdan Lobonț Eugen Trică
2007 Adrian Mutu Bogdan Lobonț Cristian Chivu Dorin Goian Nicolae Dică
2006 Nicolae Dică Adrian Mutu Cristian Chivu Dănuț Coman
Ciprian Marica
2005 Adrian Mutu Mirel Rădoi Dorinel Munteanu Nicolae Dică Răzvan Cociș
Marius Măldărășanu
2004 Ionel Dănciulescu Adrian Neaga Mirel Rădoi Daniel Niculae Florentin Petre
Tiberiu Ghioane
2003 Adrian Mutu Cristian Chivu Bogdan Lobonț Mirel Rădoi Daniel Pancu
2002 Cristian Chivu Adrian Mutu Cosmin Contra Daniel Pancu Mirel Rădoi
2001 Cosmin Contra Marius Niculae Cristian Chivu Gheorghe Popescu Adrian Mihalcea
Daniel Pancu
2000 Gheorghe Hagi Cristian Chivu Gheorghe Popescu Dorinel Munteanu Marius Niculae
1999 Gheorghe Hagi Dan Petrescu Adrian Ilie Gheorghe Popescu Adrian Mutu
1998 Adrian Ilie Gheorghe Popescu Gheorghe Hagi Bogdan Stelea Ionuț Lupescu
1997 Gheorghe Hagi Dan Petrescu Marius Lăcătuș Gheorghe Popescu Adrian Ilie
1996 Gheorghe Popescu Gheorghe Hagi Viorel Moldovan Adrian Ilie Dorinel Munteanu
1995 Gheorghe Popescu Gheorghe Hagi Daniel Prodan Dorinel Munteanu Florin Răducioiu
1994 Gheorghe Hagi Florin Răducioiu Ionuț Lupescu Gheorghe Popescu Ilie Dumitrescu
1993 Gheorghe Hagi Ilie Dumitrescu Florin Răducioiu Gheorghe Popescu Ovidiu Sabău
1992 Gheorghe Popescu Gheorghe Hagi Dorinel Munteanu Ionuț Lupescu Ilie Dumitrescu
1991 Gheorghe Popescu Gheorghe Hagi Ionuț Lupescu Silviu Lung Dorinel Munteanu
1990 Gheorghe Popescu Iosif Rotariu Dan Petrescu Ionuț Lupescu Marius Lăcătuș
1989 Gheorghe Popescu Ovidiu Sabău Gheorghe Hagi Marius Lăcătuș Ștefan Iovan
1988 Dorin Mateuț Gheorghe Hagi Miodrag Belodedici Marius Lăcătuș Ovidiu Sabău
1987 Gheorghe Hagi Miodrag Belodedici Rodion Cămătaru László Bölöni Marius Lăcătuș
1986 Helmuth Duckadam László Bölöni Miodrag Belodedici Rodion Cămătaru Gheorghe Hagi
1985 Gheorghe Hagi Costică Ștefănescu László Bölöni Silviu Lung Michael Klein
1984 Silviu Lung Gheorghe Hagi Costică Ștefănescu Mircea Rednic Dumitru Moraru
1983 László Bölöni Silviu Lung Costică Ștefănescu Rodion Cămătaru Mircea Rednic
1982 Ilie Balaci Costică Ștefănescu Rodion Cămătaru László Bölöni Gino Iorgulescu
1981 Ilie Balaci Costică Ștefănescu Ștefan Sameș Vasile Iordache Romulus Gabor
1980 Marcel Răducanu Anghel Iordănescu Costică Ștefănescu Vasile Iordache Rodion Cămătaru
1979 Ștefan Sameș Costică Ștefănescu Marcel Răducanu Nicolae Dobrin Cornel Dinu
1978 Narcis Coman Nicolae Dobrin Costică Ștefănescu Cornel Dinu Ștefan Sameș
1977 László Bölöni Dudu Georgescu Alexandru Sătmăreanu Nicolae Dobrin Iosif Vigu
1976 Dudu Georgescu László Bölöni Anghel Iordănescu Necula Răducanu Florin Cheran
1975 Ion Dumitru
1974 Cornel Dinu Mircea Lucescu Ion Dumitru Silviu Iorgulescu Alexandru Boc
Necula Răducanu
1973 Ion Dumitru Cornel Dinu Nicolae Dobrin Dumitru Antonescu Florea Dumitrache
1972 Cornel Dinu Alexandru Boc Nicolae Dobrin Stere Adamache Ion Dumitru
1971 Nicolae Dobrin Ion Dumitru Nicolae Lupescu Mircea Lucescu Cornel Dinu
1970 Cornel Dinu Necula Răducanu Florea Dumitrache Radu Nunweiller Nicolae Lupescu
Vasile Ianul
1969 Florea Dumitrache Nicolae Dobrin Radu Nunweiller Lajos Sătmăreanu Aristide Ghiță
1968 Florea Dumitrache Cornel Dinu Lajos Sătmăreanu Gheorghe Gornea Ion Barbu
Narcis Coman
1967 Nicolae Dobrin Gheorghe Constantin Narcis Coman Ion Ionescu Dan Coe
1966 Nicolae Dobrin Vasile Gergely Ion Pîrcălab Emil Dumitriu Ion Nunweiller

Breakdown of winners

Nicolae Dobrin, the inaugural award winner. Nicolae Dobrin 2.jpg
Nicolae Dobrin, the inaugural award winner.

By number of wins

Gheorghe Hagi
1985, 1987, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000
Gheorghe Popescu
1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996
Adrian Mutu
2003, 2005, 2007, 2008
Cristian Chivu
2002, 2009, 2010
Cornel Dinu
1970, 1972, 1974
Nicolae Dobrin
1966, 1967, 1971
Ilie Balaci
1981, 1982
László Bölöni
1977, 1983
Florea Dumitrache
1968, 1969
Ion Dumitru
1973, 1975
21 others

By club

(outright wins/shared titles by two teams)
Year(s) (* title was shared by two teams)
Steaua București / FCSB
12 (10/2)
1973, 1975, 1979, 1980, 1986, 1987, 2006, 2012, 2013*, 2014, 2017*, 2020
Dinamo București
9 (8/1)
1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1988, 2004, 2011*
Universitatea Craiova
5 (4/1)
1981, 1982, 1984, 1989, 1990*
Argeș Pitești
3 (3/0)
1966, 1967, 1971
Flag of Italy.svg Fiorentina
3 (3/0)
2007, 2008, 2015
Flag of Turkey.svg Galatasaray
3 (3/0)
1997, 1999, 2000
Flag of the Netherlands.svg PSV Eindhoven
3 (2/1)
1990*, 1991, 1992
Flag of Spain.svg Barcelona
3 (1/2)
1994*, 1995*, 1996
ASA Târgu Mureș
2 (2/0)
1977, 1983
Astra Giurgiu
2 (1/1)
2016, 2017*
Flag of Italy.svg Brescia
2 (1/1)
1993, 1994*
Flag of Italy.svg Internazionale
2 (1/1)
2009, 2010
Flag of England.svg Tottenham Hotspur
2 (1/1)
1995*, 2013*
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Ajax
1 (1/0)
CFR Cluj
1 (1/0)
Flag of Italy.svg Genoa
1 (1/0)
Flag of Italy.svg Juventus
1 (1/0)
Sportul Studențesc
1 (1/0)
1 (1/0)
Flag of Spain.svg Valencia
1 (1/0)
Flag of Spain.svg Alavés
1 (0/1)
Flag of England.svg Chelsea
1 (0/1)
Flag of Italy.svg Milan
1 (0/1)
Flag of Italy.svg Parma
1 (0/1)
Flag of Italy.svg Udinese
1 (0/1)

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