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O'odham: Ṣaʼalk
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Location in Mexico
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Sáric (Mexico)
Coordinates: 31°06′11″N111°22′40″W / 31.10306°N 111.37778°W / 31.10306; -111.37778 Coordinates: 31°06′11″N111°22′40″W / 31.10306°N 111.37778°W / 31.10306; -111.37778
CountryFlag of Mexico.svg  Mexico
State Sonora
Municipality Sáric
Population (2010)
Time zone UTC-7 (Pacific (US Mountain))
  Summer (DST) UTC-7 (No DST)

Sáric (O'odham : Ṣaʼalk) is a small town in Sáric Municipality, located in the extreme north of the Mexican state of Sonora. In 2010, it had a population of 892.

O'odham or Papago-Pima is a Uto-Aztecan language of southern Arizona and northern Sonora, Mexico, where the Tohono O'odham and Akimel O'odham reside. In 2000 there were estimated to be approximately 9,750 speakers in the United States and Mexico combined, although there may be more due to underreporting.

Sáric Municipality Municipality in Sonora, Mexico

Sáric Municipality is a municipality in Sonora in north-western Mexico. Its northern boundary is the U.S. state of Arizona. The population of the municipality was 2,703 in 2010 living in an area of 1,676.23 square kilometers. The elevation is around 800 meters. At the municipal seat it is 780 meters.

Sonora State of Mexico

Sonora, officially Estado Libre y Soberano de Sonora, is one of 31 states that, with Mexico City, comprise the 32 federal entities of United Mexican States. It is divided into 72 municipalities; the capital city is Hermosillo. Sonora is bordered by the states of Chihuahua to the east, Baja California to the northwest and Sinaloa to the south. To the north, it shares the U.S.–Mexico border with the states of Arizona and New Mexico, and on the west has a significant share of the coastline of the Gulf of California.

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Altar is a municipality in Sonora in north-western Mexico. The municipality had a 2010 census population of 9,049 inhabitants, the vast majority of whom lived in the municipal seat of Altar, which had a population of 7,927 inhabitants. There are no other localities with over 1,000 inhabitants.

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On 1 July 2010, members of two rival cartels clashed near the village of Sáric, in Mexico's northwestern state of Sonora, approximately 12 miles southeast of the little-used port of entry in Sasabe, Arizona. Local news media and officials in the Mexican government reported that the violence was the result of an ambush, organized by a group aligned with the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel to stop a convoy of over 50 vehicles of the Sinaloa Cartel from entering Saric. The Beltrán-Leyva group took up positions on a hill along the road outside of Saric, and as the convoy approached, laid down a devastating barrage of fire into the convoy below. Shortly after the fighting ended, Mexican police and military arrived to find the bodies of 21 dead and several bullet-strewn vehicles, mostly SUVs. Nine men were taken into police custody, six of whom received wounds in the shootout.

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