Så ska det låta

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Så ska det låta
Starring Peter Harryson (1997-2005)
Peter Settman (2006-2013)
Kalle Moraeus (2014-2017)
Sarah Dawn Finer (2018-present)
Country of origin Sweden
Original language Swedish
Production location Stockholm
Running time60 minutes
Original network SVT2 (1997-2000)
SVT1 (2001-Today)
Original release1997 (1997)

Så ska det låta is a Swedish game show, based on the Irish The Lyrics Board . The show was introduced in 1997 and led by Peter Harryson until Peter Settman took over in 2006. In 2014, Kalle Moraeus became the third host of the show. [1] In 2018, Sarah Dawn Finer became the fourth host of the program and the first female host of the show.

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