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Origin Trondheim, Norway
Genres Jazz and big bands
Years active1976-
Labels Odin Records
Curling Legs
ECM Records
Website www.groove.no/band/13671152/s-yr
Members Elin Rosseland
Torgrim Sollid
Jan Andresen
Nils Jansen
Bodil Vossgård
Rob Waring
Rune Klakegg
Tor Mathisrud
Frank Jakobsen
Tom Olstad
Edvard Askeland
Eldbjørg Raknes
Morten Halle
Vidar Johansen
Astrid Kvalbein
Christian Jaksjø
Erling Aksdal
Guro Gravem Johansen
Knut Aalefjær
Per Einar Watle
Børge Petersen-Øverleir
Torstein Lofthus

Søyr (established 1976 in Trondheim, Norway) is a Norwegian musical group, led from the start of trumpeter Torgrim Sollid. [1]



Søyr was initially inspired by folk music from Stor-Elvdal (among others Ole Mørk Sandvik) and released the album Søyr (1977) and Cierny Peter (1983), and performed at Kongsberg Jazzfestival 1977. The band is still active, and was involved on tour in South Africa in the summer of 2004. The Free State «Søyr» was established in Moldejazz 1997. [2]

The band moved (with leader Sollid) to Oslo and assumed a more avant-garde style with a big band flair. Dag Arnesen was in the lineup 1981–82, and also Kenny Wheeler played within Søyr for four years. [3] «Nye Søyr» released compositions by Vidar Johansen, Rune Klakegg, Torgrim Sollid, Rob Waring and Jon Balke på platen Vectors (1988) with the original lineup. Then came the 25-year anniversary with a new album Alene hjemme (2001). [2]

Original lineup

New members


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Curling Legs Productions A/S is a Norwegian record label with a catalogue encompassing all styles of jazz and improvised music. It was started by Knut Værnes and Morten Halle to release their own music. In 1994 Odin Records was licensed to Curling Legs from the Norwegian Jazz Forum, to continue the production of Norwegian jazz. In addition to Værnes and Halle, the third co-owner of Curling Legs is Helge Westbye, the director of the record label Grappa Music, and the label is part of FONO. The music is distributed through the company Musikkoperatørene.

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Svein "Chrico" Christiansen was a Norwegian jazz musician (drums), known from a number of recordings, and central on the Oslo Jazz scene.

Torgrim Sollid is a Norwegian self-taught traditional folk musician, composer and jazz musician, known for combining folk music with jazz, and for playing in the Jan Garbarek Quartet and Warne Marsh Sextet.

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Kåre Garnes is a Norwegian Jazz musician,, known for his collaborations with Bergen jazz legends like Dag Arnesen, Knut Kristiansen, Per Jørgensen, Olav Dale & Ole Thomsen, and in a series of Norwegian Jazz bands.


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