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Coordinates: 33°18′N62°08′E / 33.300°N 62.133°E / 33.300; 62.133

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Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 33°18′N62°08′E / 33.300°N 62.133°E / 33.300; 62.133
CountryFlag of Afghanistan.svg  Afghanistan
Province Herat Province
Time zone UTC+4:30

Sabzawar is a town in Afghanistan that sits at an elevation of 3550 ft on the left bank of the river Harud, 93 miles south of Herat. Sabzawar was once a city of considerable size, and still possesses a fortress with sides of about 200 or 250 yards. This fortress has been abandoned, and the town, which is the centre of a group of villages is now fairly prosperous, with a bazaar of about 500 shops. The plains about Sabzawar are highly cultivated by the Nurzai Duranis, and each village is protected by its own little mud fort.

In the 14th century, Sabzawar was captured by Timur. Angered by the town's resistance, he collected 90,000 heads of Sabzawar's inhabitants, and along with iron girders, built two towers (topped with lanterns) as a warning to others cities that might oppose his rule. [1]

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The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Herat, Afghanistan.


Madnasa, or Medmasa (Μέδμασα), also known as Medmasus or Medmasos (Μέδμασος), was a town in ancient Caria, at the Myndos Peninsula, and is currently an archaeological site near upper Göl, about 13 km northeast of Myndos. In 5th century BCE the city was included in the Delian League and Athenian tribute lists.


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