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Location in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 7°23′38″N81°50′2″E / 7.39389°N 81.83389°E / 7.39389; 81.83389 Coordinates: 7°23′38″N81°50′2″E / 7.39389°N 81.83389°E / 7.39389; 81.83389
Country Sri Lanka
Province Eastern Province
Administrative District Ampara District
D.S Division Sainthamarathu Divisional Secretariat
Divisional SecretaryA. L. M. Saleem
  Body Kalmunai Municipal Council (Local Authority)
   Electoral District Ampara
  Polling Division Kalmunai
   Member of parliament H. M. M. Harees (SLMC)
  Total9 km2 (3 sq mi)
1 m (3 ft)
 (2011 [1] )
  Density3,000/km2 (8,000/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+05:30 (SLST)
Postal code
Area code(s) 067

Sainthamaruthu (Tamil : சாய்ந்தமருது, romanized: Cāyntamarutu; Sinhala : සායින්දමරුදු, romanized: Sāyindamarudu) is a coastal town in Sri Lanka, with a population of 25,412. [2] It is located on the east coast of Ampara District of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. This town is fully populated by Sri Lankan Muslims according to the Department of Census and Statistics October 2007. [3]


Sainthamaruthu is located in the middle of other municipalities such as Sammanthurai on the west, Kalmunai on the North, Karativu on the south, and the eastern border with the Bay of Bengal.


Sainthamaruthu DS division has 16 Grama Niladhari Divisions. [4] It is bordered by Kalmunai DS division to the north, the sea on the east, Karaitivu DS division to the south and Sammanthurai to the west. 50.4% of the population are men and 49.6% are women. Forty-two percent of the population is less than 18 years old, 48% of the population is between the age of 19-64 and 10% of the population is above 65 years of age. The population density of the division is 3072/sq km.


Sainthamaruthu is highly urbanised and congested due to increasing commercial activities in the main urban areas of the town.The eastern site is potential for fishing and western site is fully engaged with paddy cultivation.

Resources and livelihood activities

Sainthamaruthu is well endowed with many natural resources. Fisheries, agriculture, and services contribute significantly to the local economy; and trade also plays an important role. It started with petty trade in the early history of the division and nowadays, has expanded to large-scale trading. In early times, fishery activities took place using traditional craft (Katumarang) and ordinary seines and now activity has expanded to deep sea fishing.

Many people living here are engaged in agriculture, fisheries and various other sectors. About 13% of the population is unemployed and many of the workers are poorly paid.

The main agricultural crop is paddy. Around 1132 acres of land are cultivated annually within the division and most of the farmers’ paddy land is situated in the outside of the Sainthamaruthu.

The main sources of income in the local economy of Sainthamaruthu:

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In Sri Lanka, districts are the second-level administrative divisions, and are included in a province. There are 25 districts organized into 9 provinces. Each district is administered under a District Secretary, who is appointed by the central government. The main tasks of the District Secretariat involve coordinating communications and activities of the central government and Divisional Secretariats. The District Secretariat is also responsible for implementing and monitoring development projects at the district level and assisting lower-level subdivisions in their activities, as well as revenue collection and coordination of elections in the district. A district is divided into a number of Divisional Secretary's Divisions, which are in turn subdivided into 14,022 Grama Niladhari Divisions. There are 331 DS divisions in the country.

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Ampara District is one of the 25 districts of Sri Lanka, the second-level administrative divisions of the country. The district is administered by a District Secretariat headed by a District Secretary appointed by the central government of Sri Lanka. The capital of the district is the town of Ampara. The district was carved out of the southern part of Batticaloa District in April 1961.

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Karaitivu (Ampara) Village in Sri Lanka

Karaitivu is a coastal village situated in the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka about 30 miles (44 km) south of Batticaloa and is next to Kalmunai town. This is one of the oldest surviving village settlements in the Ampara District.

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Kalmunai is the largest city of Ampara District. It is also the largest city of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. It had a total population of 106,780 as of 2011. It is one of the few Muslim-majority municipalities in the country. When Muslims in Colombo were expelled by Portuguese in the 17th century, they fled to Kandy and sought refuge with King Rajasinha II, who resettled these refugees in Kalmunai and Kattankudy (4,000). Kalmunai was the site of the royal farm, as a result of this settlement, it became a Muslim-majority area.

Akkaraipattu Town in Sri Lanka

Akkaraipattu is a large town in the Ampara District, Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, it is located in the south-eastern of the, Sri Lankan dry zone and experiences an average annual rainfall of 119 mm.

Ampara (Digamadulla) Electoral District is one of the 22 multi-member electoral districts of Sri Lanka created by the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka. The district is conterminous with the administrative district of Ampara in the Eastern province. The district currently elects 7 of the 225 members of the Sri Lankan Parliament and had 436,148 registered electors in 2010.

Sihabdeen Nijamudeen is a Sri Lankan politician and a former member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. He was the Deputy Minister of Public Estate Management and Development which governs estates including the Tea Estates of Sri Lanka.

Sammanthurai Divisional Secretariat is a Divisional Secretariat of Ampara District, of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.

M.C. Ahamed was a Sri Lankan politician, a former Member of Parliament for Kalmunai electorate and former chairman of Kalmunai town council. A close ally of the Late Srimavo Bandaranayake under the SLFP Government. He was a strong member of the SLFP. He didn't care about race or religion, was a nationalist who extended his service to the people of all community.

Sammanthurai Town in Sri Lanka

Sammanthurai, is a town in Ampara District of Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. Sammanthurai situated at 7°22′0″N81°48′0″E, is 4.8 km west of the Bay of Bengal coast. It lies between the towns of Ampara and Karaitivu along the A31 road. It is surrounded by paddy fields and it is renowned for its rice paddies and its inner harbour from ancient times.

Batticaloa region

Batticaloa region (Tamil: மட்டக்களப்புத் தேசம் Maṭṭakkaḷapput tēcam; also known as Matecalo; Baticalo; in Colonial records, was the ancient region of Tamil Settlements in Sri Lanka. The foremost record of this region can be seen in Portuguese and Dutch historical documents along with local inscriptions such as "Sammanthurai Copper epigraphs" written on 1683 CE which also mentions about "Mattakkalappu Desam". Although there is no more the existence of Batticaloa region today, the amended term "Batti-Ampara Districts" still can be seen in the Tamil print media of Sri Lanka.

Addalaichenai Town in Sri Lanka

Addalaichenai in the Ampara District of Sri Lanka derived its name from a classical origin "Addala Chenai" in which Addala (அடளை) means a place made for protect the cultivation at higher places, and Chena (சேனை) means crop cultivation. However many is of the opinion that farmers origin is also behind the framing of the name Addalaichenai. The village Addalaichenai was being part of Akkaripattu up to 1978 and then separated from Akkaraipattu. Addalaichenai came to be regarded as the country's agricultural important place in 1978 when the DRO office was formed. Addalaichenai has been well known by traders from almost 2000 years ago.

Zahira College, Kalmunai National school1 ab super school in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

Zahira College, Kalmunai is a boys national school in Ampara District, Sri Lanka. It was founded in 1949 as English Junior School by the M. S. Kariapper, Member of Ceylon Parliament. The college is situated in Sainthamaruthu, in the municipality of Kalmunai. It has been graded as 1AB Super School by Ministry of Education Sri Lanka and it has all the streams of GCE Advanced Level in Sri Lanka - Biological and Physical science, Commerce, Arts and Technology.

Sainthamaruthu shootout Attacks and suicide bombing

On 26 April 2019, Sri Lankan security forces and National Thowheeth Jama'ath militants linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant clashed when the security forces raided a house in the town of Sainthamaruthu in Ampara District at around 7:30 pm. The house had been used by the militants to manufacture explosives and suicide vests. Three suicide bombers blew themselves up, killing nine of their family members, including six children, while four other suspects where shot dead by the soldiers. A civilian was killed and two others were injured during the crossfire.

Sammanthurai 10 Grama Niladhari Division is a Grama Niladhari Division of the Samanthurai Divisional Secretariat, of Ampara District, of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.

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The Ampara Polling Division is a Polling Division in the Ampara Electoral District, in the Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.

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The Kalmunai Polling Division is a Polling Division in the Ampara Electoral District, in the Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.


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