Samut Sakhon

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Samut Sakhon

City of Samut Sakhon
Thachalom railway station and Wat Chong Lom
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Samut Sakhon
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Samut Sakhon
Location in Thailand
Coordinates: 13°32′55″N100°16′39″E / 13.54861°N 100.27750°E / 13.54861; 100.27750 Coordinates: 13°32′55″N100°16′39″E / 13.54861°N 100.27750°E / 13.54861; 100.27750
Country Flag of Thailand.svg  Thailand
Province Flag Samut Sakhon Province.png  Samut Sakhon
District Mueang Samut Sakhon
  TypeCity Municipality
  MayorSupap Saeheng
  Total10.33 km2 (3.99 sq mi)
  Density5,800/km2 (15,000/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+7 (ICT)
Area code (+66) 34
Maeklong Railway
BSicon exKBHFa.svg
Pak Khlong San
BSicon KBHFxa.svg
Wongwian Yai
BSicon BHF.svg
Talat Phlu
BSicon HST.svg
Khlong Ton Sai
BSicon HST.svg
Chom Thong
BSicon HST.svg
Wat Sai
BSicon BHF.svg
Wat Sing
BSicon HST.svg
Bang Bon
BSicon HST.svg
Khan Keha
BSicon HST.svg
Rang Sakae
BSicon BHF.svg
Rang Pho
BSicon HST.svg
Sam Yaek
BSicon HST.svg
Phrom Daen
BSicon HST.svg
Thung Si Thong
BSicon HST.svg
Bang Nam Chuet
BSicon HST.svg
Khok Khwai
BSicon HST.svg
Ban Khom
BSicon HST.svg
Khlong Chak
BSicon KBHFe.svg
Maha Chai
BSicon BOOT.svg
Tha Chin River
BSicon KBHFa.svg
Ban Laem
BSicon HST.svg
Tha Chalom
BSicon HST.svg
Ban Chi Phakhao
BSicon HST.svg
Khlong Noklek
BSicon HST.svg
Bang Sikhot
BSicon HST.svg
Bang Krachao
BSicon HST.svg
Ban Bo
BSicon HST.svg
Bang Thorat
BSicon HST.svg
Ban Kalong
BSicon HST.svg
Ban Na Khwang
BSicon HST.svg
Ban Na Khok
BSicon HST.svg
Ked Mueang
BSicon HST.svg
Lad Yai
BSicon eHST.svg
Bang Krabun
BSicon KBHFe.svg

Samut Sakhon (Thai : สมุทรสาคร, pronounced [samùt sǎːkʰɔːn] , Pronunciation) is a City in Thailand, capital of Samut Sakhon Province. [1] It is a stop on the Maeklong Railway. Samut Sakhon is 48 km from Bangkok. [2] It is part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Region.



Samut Sakhon was formerly called Tha Chin (Chinese Pier) probably because, in the old days, it had been a trading port for a vast number of Chinese junks. In 1548, a City named Sakhon Buri was established at the mouth of the Tha Chin River. It was a center for recruiting troops from various seaside towns. The name of the City was changed to Mahachai when Klong (canal) Mahachai was dug in 1704 to connect the Tha Chin River to the City. Later, the City was renamed Samut Sakhon by King Rama IV but it is still popularly called Mahachai by its residents. [1]

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