San Luis Río Colorado

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San Luis Río Colorado
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San Luis Río Colorado
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San Luis Río Colorado
Coordinates: 32°28′36″N114°45′45″W / 32.47667°N 114.76250°W / 32.47667; -114.76250 Coordinates: 32°28′36″N114°45′45″W / 32.47667°N 114.76250°W / 32.47667; -114.76250
CountryFlag of Mexico.svg  Mexico
State Sonora
  Type Ayuntamiento
   Mayor Santos González Yescas
51 m (167 ft)
 (2015) [1]
San Luisino
Time zone UTC-7 (MST)
  Summer (DST) UTC-7 (No DST observed)
Area code(s) 653

San Luis Río Colorado is a city and also the name of its surrounding municipality. In the 2015 census, the city had a population of 192,739. [1] The city is the fourth-largest community in the state, and the municipality is also the fourth-largest in terms of population. Lying in the northwestern corner of the state of Sonora, the city marks the state border with Baja California. It also stands on the international border with the United States, adjacent to San Luis, Arizona. It is located about 75 km from Mexicali. The municipality covers an area of 8,412.75 km² (3,248.2 sq mi) in the Sonoran Desert.



Awarded city status in July 1958, San Luis Rio Colorado serves as the administrative center for the surrounding municipality of the same name. The city is located on a mesa, characterized by a flat and sandy terrain. On Easter Sunday 2010, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the region. The Sears department store (formerly Dorian's) and 5 schools were destroyed, affecting approximately 30,000 people in the region. San Luis Rio Colorado was once an important inland port for steamers traveling the Colorado from the Gulf of California. Since the early 1900s the Colorado has been completely or nearly completely drained for irrigation. The once-formidable Colorado is usually dry or a small stream.

San Luis Rio Colorado is home to four regional medium-wave radio broadcast stations, among them 1350 XELBL-AM, all of which are popular long-distance reception targets for medium wave DX radio enthusiasts.

Josse, a Mexican Latin beat singer recorded a song call "San Luis Rio Colorado" at memorial for the river.


Fiestas del Desierto celebrates the culture, biodiversity, cuisine and sports of the Sonoran Desert Region. Dates for 2012 are 9–11 November. San Luis Rio Colorado has an intra-city economic exchange booth in the Annual Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival in Indio, California, USA. [ citation needed ]


San Luis Río Colorado has a desert climate (Köppen climate classification BWh), with extremely hot summers and mild winters; it is one of the hottest and driest cities in Mexico. The record high temperature is 52.0 °C (125.6 °F), recorded on 25 June 1951. [2] The record low temperature is −6.5 °C (20.3 °F), recorded on 2 January 1950. [3]

Climate data for San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora (1951–2010, extremes (1950–2010)
Record high °C (°F)38.0
Average high °C (°F)20.6
Daily mean °C (°F)13.2
Average low °C (°F)5.9
Record low °C (°F)−6.5
Average precipitation mm (inches)8.4
Average precipitation days (≥ 0.1 mm)
Source: Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (Mexico's Meteorogical Service) [2]


Maquila factories in San Luis Río Colorado include TSE Brakes, Daewoo Electronics, Bose, SANA International, OPTECH, and Gaming Partners International. [4]


San Luis Río Colorado Airport is the general aviation airport serving this city. The nearest International airport to San Luis Rio Colorado is General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada International Airport near Mexicali. San Luis Rio Colorado has highway connections to other parts of Mexico and the United States. Several intercity bus companies (including TUFESA) stop at the San Luis Río Colorado bus station.

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Azriel Páez is a Mexican professional boxer in the Welterweight division. His father is the former WBO, IBF Champion Jorge Páez and his brother Jorge Páez, Jr. is the current WBC Youth Intercontinental Welterweight Champion.

Same-sex marriage is currently not legal in the Mexican state of Sonora. On 11 May 2016, the Director of the Civil Registry of Sonora announced that same-sex couples could begin marrying in the state without the need for an amparo. However, on 18 May 2016, the Governor ordered all civil registries in the state to stop marrying same-sex couples.

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