Santo Pecora

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Santo Pecora
Birth nameSanto Joseph Pecoraro
Born(1902-03-21)March 21, 1902
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
DiedMay 29, 1984(1984-05-29) (aged 82)
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Associated actsNew Orleans Rhythm Kings

Santo Pecora (born Santo Joseph Pecoraro, March 21, 1902 – May 29, 1984) [1] was an American jazz trombonist known for his longtime association with the New Orleans jazz scene.

He was born inNew Orleans, Louisiana, United States. [1] Pecora changed his name because his cousin, a drummer, was also named Santo Pecoraro. [2] The two sometimes performed in ensembles together. [2] Pecora began on French horn but settled on trombone as a teenager. [2] He played in orchestras accompanying silent films as well as with the bandleaders Johnny De Droit and Leon Roppolo. [2] He toured with singer Bee Palmer early in the 1920s, [2] then joined the New Orleans Rhythm Kings in the middle of the decade. [1]

He moved to Chicago late in the decade, playing both in jazz bands and in theater palaces, then became a big band sideman in the 1930s. He toured with Sharkey Bonano in the 1930s, [1] then played with Wingy Manone in California. [2] In the 1940s he returned to New Orleans, where he continued working with Bonano in addition to regular gigs on riverboats and at nightclubs. [1] He remained a staple of the local scene into the 1960s.

He died in May 1984, in his hometown, at the age of 82. [2]

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