Sapa Arena

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Sapa Arena
Sapa Arena
Location Vetlanda, Sweden
OwnerVetlanda Arena AB
Capacity 2,000
Opened10 September 2011
Vetlanda BK

Sapa Arena is a sports venue in Vetlanda in Sweden. It is the home of Vetlanda BK. [1] It was opened in 2011. [2] Sapa Arena holds 2,000 people. [3] It hosted Division B of the 2013 Bandy World Championship.

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Söderhamn Place in Hälsingland, Sweden

Söderhamn is a locality and the seat of Söderhamn Municipality, Gävleborg County, Sweden with 11,761 inhabitants in 2010.


Söderstadion(translated in English as Southern Stadium) was a football and bandy stadium in Stockholm, Sweden. It was opened in 1966 and closed in 2013, being replaced by nearby Tele2 Arena.

Sapa or Sapë may refer to:

Sandvikens AIK

Sandvikens AIK is the bandy department of Sandvikens AIK and is based at Göransson Arena in Sandviken. They play in a black outfit.

Vetlanda BK

Vetlanda BK is a bandy club in Vetlanda, Sweden.

Marcus Bergwall is a Swedish former bandy player who played as defender. Marcus is the older brother of teammate Andreas Bergwall. Marcus has played many games for Sweden's national team and played in several Bandy World Championships.

Ulf Einarsson is a Swedish bandy player who currently plays for Åby/Tjureda.

Sami Laakkonen

Sami Laakkonen is a Finnish former bandy player who played as a forward. Laakkonen was brought up by WP 35 but moved abroad to enhance his career. He played for the Finnish national bandy team, scoring the decisive goal in the final of the 2004 World Championship. At the 2016 World Championship, he made his last appearance as a national team player. After the 2018–19 season he also retired at club level.

Christoffer Edlund is a Swedish bandy player who currently plays for Sandvikens AIK as a midfielder or forward.

Villa Lidköping BK

Villa Lidköping BK is a bandy club in Lidköping i Sweden. The club was formed on January 18, 1934 as Villa BK on Lockörn outside Lidköping, where the old club cottage still is. The club's name comes from the nearby country estate Villa Giacomina.

Elitserien (bandy)

The Elitserien is since the 2007–08 season the highest bandy league in Sweden. It consists of 14 teams. The season ends with one final game in March. The final was held at Studenternas IP in Uppsala from 1991 until 2012. In 2013 and 2014 the final was played at Friends Arena in Solna, and from 2015 to 2017 it was played at the Tele2 Arena. The final returned to Studenternas IP in 2018.

The 2006–07 season in Swedish bandy, starting August 2006 and ending July 2007:

The 2010 Svenska Cupen final took place on 13 November 2010 at Söderstadion in Stockholm. The match was contested by Superettan side Hammarby IF and Allsvenskan side Helsingborgs IF. Hammarby, who never has won the cup, played their first final since 1983. Helsingborg's latest title was four years earlier in 2006, their third cup title of all time.

2013 Bandy World Championship

The 2013 Bandy World Championship was an edition of the top annual event in international bandy, held between January 23 and February 3, 2013, in Norway and Sweden.

The 2014–15 Elitserien was the eighth season of the present highest Swedish men's bandy top division, Elitserien. The regular season began on 24 October 2014, and the final was played at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm on 14 March 2015.

The 2015–16 Elitserien was the ninth season of the present highest Swedish men's bandy top division, Elitserien. The regular season began on 23 October 2015, and the final was played at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm on 19 March 2016. Västerås SK won the Swedish national championship title by defeating Villa Lidköping BK, 5-2, in the final game.

Johan Löfstedt is a Swedish professional bandy player.

Christoffer Fagerström

Christoffer Fagerström is a Swedish bandy player.

Patrick Johansson is a Swedish bandy coach and former player. Johansson played most of his career for Vetlanda BK