Sarah Hogg, Viscountess Hailsham

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The Viscountess Hailsham
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Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
Assumed office
3 February 1995
Life Peerage
Personal details
Sarah Elizabeth Mary Boyd-Carpenter

(1946-05-14) 14 May 1946 (age 72)
Political party Conservative (Before 1995)
Crossbench (1995–present)
Spouse(s) Douglas Hogg, 3rd Viscount Hailsham
Alma mater Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Sarah Hogg, Baroness Hogg (born 14 May 1946), [1] through marriage the Viscountess Hailsham, is an English economist and journalist. She was the first woman to chair a FTSE 100 company.



She was born as Sarah Elizabeth Mary Boyd-Carpenter, her father being John Boyd-Carpenter, Baron Boyd-Carpenter, a former Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Paymaster-General. She attended the Roman Catholic girls' boarding school St Mary's School Ascot. Later she attended Lady Margaret Hall at the University of Oxford where she read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). [2] While at Oxford University, she edited Cherwell , the student newspaper.

John Boyd-Carpenter, Baron Boyd-Carpenter British politician

John Archibald Boyd-Carpenter, Baron Boyd-Carpenter, PC, DL was a British Conservative politician.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Senior minister in the British Treasury

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury is the third most senior ministerial position in HM Treasury, after the First Lord of the Treasury and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. It was created in 1961, to share the burden of representing the Treasury with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford college of the University of Oxford

Lady Margaret Hall (LMH) is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England, located on the banks of the River Cherwell at Norham Gardens in north Oxford and adjacent to the University Parks. The college is more formally known under its current royal charter as "The Principal and Fellows of the College of the Lady Margaret in the University of Oxford".

Through her 1968 marriage to Member of Parliament Douglas Hogg, 3rd Viscount Hailsham, she is Viscountess Hailsham. However, following the granting of a life peerage in 1995, she is Baroness Hogg in her own right. [3]

Douglas Hogg British politician and barrister

Douglas Martin Hogg, 3rd Viscount Hailsham, is a British politician and barrister. A member of the Conservative Party he served in the Cabinet as Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food from 1995 to 1997, and was a Member of Parliament (MP) from 1979 to 2010.



She was an economics editor for The Independent newspaper. She was also an early presenter of Channel 4 News , but her voice, with its uncertainty of pitch, was felt by many viewers to be a distraction. [4] At this time she portrayed Margaret Thatcher in a television docudrama of negotiations between the UK and Irish governments. [5]

<i>The Independent</i> British online daily newspaper

The Independent is a British online newspaper. Established in 1986 as a politically independent national morning newspaper published in London, it was controlled by Tony O'Reilly's Independent News & Media from 1997 until it was sold to Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev in 2010. The last printed edition of The Independent was published on Saturday 26 March 2016, leaving only its digital editions.

<i>Channel 4 News</i> television series

Channel 4 News is the main news programme on British television broadcaster Channel 4. It is produced by ITN, and has been in operation since Channel 4's launch in November 1982.

Margaret Thatcher former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, was a British stateswoman who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990 and Leader of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990. She was the longest-serving British prime minister of the 20th century and the first woman to hold that office. A Soviet journalist dubbed her "The 'Iron Lady'", a nickname that became associated with her uncompromising politics and leadership style. As Prime Minister, she implemented policies known as Thatcherism.


Hogg was the head of the Prime Minister's Policy Unit for Sir John Major. [6] With Jonathan Hopkin Hill, she wrote about the Major years in her book Too Close to Call.

John Major former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Sir John Major is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 1990 to 1997. He served as Foreign Secretary and then Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Thatcher Government from 1989 to 1990, and was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Huntingdon from 1979 until his retirement in 2001. Since the death of Margaret Thatcher in 2013, Major has been the oldest living former Prime Minister.

In 1995, she was granted a life peerage and now sits as a crossbencher in the House of Lords as Baroness Hogg, of Kettlethorpe in the County of Lincolnshire. [7]

House of Lords upper house in the Parliament of the United Kingdom

The House of Lords, also known as the House of Peers, is the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Like the House of Commons, it meets in the Palace of Westminster. Officially, the full name of the house is the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament assembled.

Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire village and civil parish in West Lindsey, Lincolnshire, England

Kettlethorpe is a village and civil parish in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England. It is situated 10 miles (16 km) west from the city of Lincoln. The villages of Drinsey Nook and Laughterton lie within Kettlethorpe parish. The population of the civil parish taken at the 2011 census was 426.


As Chairman of 3i Group from 2002, she became the first woman to chair an FTSE 100 company. [8] In 2010 she was appointed the Chairman of the Financial Reporting Council. [9] She is also the chairman of Frontier Economics Limited. [8] Other current and former board memberships include the Financial Conduct Authority, BG Group, the BBC, P&O Cruises, P&O Princess, and Eton College. [10]

Personal life

Hogg is married to the Douglas Hogg, 3rd Viscount Hailsham and together they have two children: [11]

Other activities

She is a trustee of the school where she was educated and also a trustee of the charitable Trusthouse Foundation.



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Charlotte Mary Hogg is a British management consultant and senior executive in financial services and central banking. In October 2017 she was appointed as CEO of Visa’s European operations. She was the chief operating officer of the Bank of England between 2013 and 2017, and additionally served briefly as Deputy Governor at the Bank of England from 1 March 2017 to 14 March 2017, before resigning from both positions because she had failed to declare that her brother was employed in the banking industry.


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