Savage Brigade

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Savage Brigade
Savage Brigade.jpg
Directed by Marcel L'Herbier
Written by
Cinematography Michel Kelber
Edited by Henri Taverna
Music by Michel Michelet
Franco London Films
Distributed bySociété Nouvelle des Films Dispa
Release date
26 April 1939
Running time
95 minutes
Language French

Savage Brigade (French: La Brigade sauvage) is a 1939 French drama film directed by Marcel L'Herbier and starring Véra Korène, Charles Vanel and Florence Marly. The film was completed by Jean Dréville. [1] The film's sets were designed by the art director Serge Piménoff.



A Russian general's wife is killed by a jealous mistress at the apartment of a lieutenant. The general provokes a duel with the junior officer, but with the approach of the 1914 war the duel is deferred as both officers are needed with their regiments. Twenty years later in Paris, the general comes across and shoots the former lieutenant whom he injures; the truth about his wife then emerges.


Notes and references

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