Saw Beza

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Saw Beza
Queen Consort of Ava
TenureOctober 1373 – April 1400
Bornc. 1350s
Ava (Inwa)
Spouse Swa Saw Ke
Issue Minkhaung I
Thupaba Dewi
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Saw Beza (Burmese : စောဘေဇာ, pronounced  [sɔ́ bèzà] ) was a queen consort of King Swa Saw Ke of Ava. She was the mother of King Minkhaung I of Ava, Gov. Theiddat of Sagaing, and Queen Thupaba Dewi of Hanthawaddy Pegu. [1]



The future queen was a commoner named Mi Beza from a small village named Gazun-Neint (ကန်စွန်းနိမ့်) near Mohnyin (in present-day Kachin State). King Swa met her at her village in the dry season of 1372–73 while he was on campaign to Mohnyin. The king took her as a concubine during the campaign. After the campaign, he told her to come to Ava (Inwa) if she bore him a son. She gave birth to a son (later King Minkhaung I) on 13 October 1373, after which she went to Ava. The king, as promised, raised her to queen. They had two more children. [2]

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Mingyi Swa Saw Ke was king of Ava from 1367 to 1400. He reestablished central authority in Upper Myanmar (Burma) for the first time since the fall of the Pagan Empire in the 1280s. He essentially founded the Ava Kingdom that would dominate Upper Burma for the next two centuries.

Minkhaung I of Ava was king of Ava from 1400 to 1421. He is best remembered in Burmese history for his epic struggles against King Razadarit of Hanthawaddy Pegu in the Forty Years' War (1385–1424). As king, Minkhaung continued his father Swa Saw Ke's policy to restore the Pagan Empire. Under the military leadership of his eldest son Minye Kyawswa, Ava nearly succeeded. While he ultimately failed to conquer Hanthawaddy and Launggyet Arakan, he was able to bring in most of cis-Salween Shan states to the Ava orbit.

Thihathu of Ava King of Ava

Thihathu of Ava was king of Ava from 1421 to 1425. Though he opportunistically renewed the Forty Years' War with Hanthawaddy Pegu in 1422, Thihathu agreed to a peace treaty with Prince Binnya Ran in 1423. His subsequent marriage to Ran's sister Princess Shin Saw Pu helped keep the peace between the two kingdoms when Ran became king of Pegu in 1424.

Kale Kye-Taung Nyo was king of Ava from 1425 to 1426, and governor of Kale Kye-Taung (Kalay) from 1406 to 1425. A top military commander during the reigns of kings Minkhaung I and Thihathu of Ava, Prince Min Nyo came to power in 1425 by overthrowing his eight-year-old nephew King Min Hla with the help of his lover Queen Shin Bo-Me. But Nyo himself was overthrown less than seven months later in 1426 by his fellow senior commander and long-time rival Gov. Thado of Mohnyin.

Mohnyin Thado was king of Ava from 1426 to 1439. The ethnic Burman saopha (chief) of Mohnyin came to power after overthrowing King Kale Kye-Taung Nyo and his queen Shin Bo-Me in 1426. His reign marks the plateauing of Ava's power. Left exhausted by the Forty Years' War with Hanthawaddy Pegu (Bago) in the south, and long-running wars against various Shan States in the north, Ava was no longer in a position to expand. Mohnyin Thado spent his 12-year reign keeping restive regions of Ava in one piece. He never controlled Toungoo. He had to tolerate the governors of other regions who treated him as at best a senior. Hanthwaddy aided the Toungoo rebellion in 1426 and seized the region in 1436. But the two kingdoms did not resume a full-scale war.

Theiddat was the heir-presumptive of Ava from 1400 to 1406 during the reign of King Minkhaung I of Ava. Theiddat was the key figure in securing his elder brother Minkhaung I's claim on the throne of Ava. In the early days of Minkhaung's reign, Theiddat personally led an army to put down a major rebellion. After Minkhaung named his eldest son Minye Kyawswa heir apparent in 1406, Theiddat felt betrayed, and fled south in 1407 and joined the service of King Razadarit of Hanthawaddy Pegu, which was amidst fighting the Forty Years' War (1385–1424) with Ava.

Shin Mi-Nauk Queen consort of Hanthawaddy

Shin Mi-Nauk was a senior queen consort of King Minkhaung I of Ava from 1400 to 1407. She was the mother of Crown Prince Minye Kyawswa, who is one of the most celebrated generals in Burmese history, and King Thihathu of Ava. Mi-Nauk was a daughter of Hsongamhpa, the saopha (chief) of Shan state of Mohnyin. She was married to Minkhaung, son King Swa Saw Ke of Ava when Ava and Mohnyin were in a rare period of good relations in 1389. From 1391 to 1395, she gave birth to three sons, Minye Kyawswa, Minye Thihathu and Minye Kyawhtin, and a daughter, Saw Pyei Chantha at Pyinzi, which was Minkhaung's fief.

Thado Minsaw of Prome was the founder of Prome Kingdom, and reigned the minor kingdom from 1482 to 1526. In 1524, he entered into an alliance with the Confederation of Shan States, and participated in the 1525 sack of Ava (Inwa).

Shin Bo-Me was a principal queen of four kings of Ava in the early 15th century.

Atula Thiri Dhamma Dewi was the chief queen of King Minkhaung II of Ava. She was a granddaughter of King Mohnyin Thado, as well as a direct descendant of King Swa Saw Ke of Ava from her mother side.

Atula Thiri Maha Yaza Dewi of Ava was the chief queen consort of King Narapati I of Ava from 1442 to 1468. She was the mother of King Thihathura of Ava and King Thado Minsaw of Prome, and a maternal aunt of King Leik Munhtaw of Hanthawaddy. King Alaungpaya, the founder of Konbaung Dynasty, was a tenth generation descendant of the queen.

Shin Myat Hla was the chief queen consort of King Mohnyin Thado of Ava from 1426 to 1439. She was also a junior queen of King Minkhaung I of Ava for five months in 1409–10. She was the mother of kings Minye Kyawswa I and Narapati I of Ava. She was also an eight-times great grandmother of King Alaungpaya of Konbaung Dynasty.

Min Pale was governor of Paukmyaing in the Kingdom of Ava in the late 14th century. He was a grandson of King Uzana I of Pinya, and was one of the four top commanders of King Swa Saw Ke of Ava. He was the paternal grandfather of King Mohnyin Thado. All the kings of the Konbaung Dynasty claimed descent from him.

Shin Saw was the chief queen consort of King Minkhaung I of Ava from 1400 to 1422. The royal chronicles identify her as Hsinbyushin.

Min Yaza of Wun Zin was chief minister of Ava from 1379/80 to 1421. He was the main adviser to three successive kings of Ava: Swa Saw Ke, Tarabya and Minkhaung I. Under his guidance, Ava made several attempts to restore the Pagan Empire, and methodically acquired its immediate surrounding Shan states between 1371 and 1406. By his death in 1421, he had advised his kings almost for the entire duration of the Forty Years' War (1385–1424) between Ava and Pegu.

Thupaba Dewi was an Ava princess who became a queen consort of King Razadarit of Hanthawaddy.

Soe Min Wimala Dewi was a queen consort of King Binnya Ran I of Hanthawaddy. Soe Min was of Ava royalty, and was given to Binnya Ran in a marriage of state in 1431. Her title at Pegu was Thiri Pawara Maha Dhamma Yaza Dewi. She was the mother of King Leik Munhtaw of Hanthawaddy.

Minye Kyawswa Saw Shwe Khet was governor of Prome (Pyay), a major vassal state of Ava, from 1417 to 1422, and from 1442 to 1446. He was the only governor or viceroy of Prome to serve more than one term. He also served as governor of districts of Prome: twice at Tharrawaddy (Thayawadi) (1422–1427) and (1446–1460) and at Paungde (1460–1470s).

Saw Pyei Chantha was the chief queen consort of Arakan for a few months in 1408. After she and her first husband King Anawrahta of Launggyet were captured by the Hanthawaddy forces in 1408, she became a junior queen consort of King Razadarit of Hanthawaddy.

Minye Kyawhtin was a pretender to the Ava throne from 1426 to 1459. The eldest son of Crown Prince Minye Kyawswa, Minye Kyawhtin raised a long-running rebellion against King Mohnyin Thado and his successors, kings Minye Kyawswa I and Narapati I of Ava.


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Saw Beza
Born:c. 1350s Died: ?
Royal titles
Preceded by
Saw Taw Oo of Sagaing
Queen Consort of Ava
Succeeded by
Min Hla Myat of Ava